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Invitation accepted!

the Drama Club will perform as requested by you on Talk:Drama_Club

The Batwing Brigade

Hello. It has been suggested that the Batwing Brigade should hold our next club night at the Kilingback Cinema, and I saw on its wiki page that you are maintaining it. Is that still valid?
In any event, I figured that I should say hello. The BWB is a (small) group of goths and other assorted darkfolks, who are trying to rediscover our old haunts and ressurrect the old Goth Scene in Malton, by holding club nights and other events. Our next event is sceduled for June 1:st, and unless we get a better suggestion we'll most likely do it at Kilingback. By happy coincidence it will occur only a couple of days after the Drama Club's performance of "Army of Darkness".
Any members of Yong An Bang who happen to be in the area are welcome to hang out with us, either in the cinema or at the pub nextdoor. If you have any requests to the DJ, make them at our talk page at least a couple of days in advance, OK?
--Penny Black 10:07, 22 May 2007 (BST) BatwingLogoSide.gif The Batwing Brigade

We're totally okay with that. (As you may have seen, we are still maintaining Kilingback, keeping the lights on and the sound system working.)

--David Lin 29 May 2007


David, you still around? --Paddy Dignam 23:59, 11 September 2007 (BST)