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Excursion 3

the hunt for the ultimate party house While on Excursion III with the rest of the Horde, Team America is continually looking for a place to party. We got the girls, we just need a place to crash. However, along the way numerous buildings have become somewhat, damaged, due to our parties. Also survivors complain to being mauled, crushed or otherwise injured during our visits. All we have to say to that there is no hard feelings, we would love to see you come again.

Here is a brief list of failed party houses:

Fort NT building, Buttonville
Club Steager, Kinch Heights
Pole Mall, West Grayside
Club Tremlett, Kempsterbank
Barnerd Way Police Dept, Kempsterbank
Club Twycrosse, Stansbury Village
Catherine General Hospital, Stansbury Village
the Herbert NT Building, Roftwood
Blesley Mall, Gulonside
Cummins Alley Police Department, Pennville
Millard Crescent School, Osmondville
the Hollwey Building, Osmondville
Tempest Plaza School, Osmondville
the Tompson NT Building, Scarletwood
the Trollope Building, Scarletwood
a Warehouse, Scarletwood
St Telesphorus's Hospital, Scarletwood
Gerard Crescent Police Dept, Scarletwood
Witchell Street Police Dept, East Grayside
The Showers NT Building, Scarletwood
Club Adams, Osmondville
Blesley Mall, Gulonside
Blockwood Auto Repair, Crowbank
the Lawley Motel, Crowbank
the Spragge NT Building, Crowbank
Blocksidge NT Building, Crowbank
Rayfield NT Building, Tollyton
Woodroffe Mall, Tollyton
Youings Towers, Stansbury Village
Beck Place School, Stansbury Village
Lorenzo General Hospital, Stansbury Village
Went Building, Stansbury Village


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