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outside EHB VSB
  • Blue border indicates revive point.
  • Red border indicates resource point or frequent target for attacks -- avoid resting here.

Please spray Entry Point: Barricade to VS +2 http://tinyurl.com/ydhjjb in entry points.

Do not edit the barricade plan without agreement. All changes should be discussed on the discussion page, that's what it's for, discussing.

Kick Browning carpark Kerby Gell Lane Silly Younger Luscombe junkyard Forse
Broadbent Warburton Marten Wollen Dibbings Milne Voke Bugden Shartman Sherstone
Douglass Plumb Mclaverty Hendrich junkyard Mooney Krinks Krinks Woodhouse Merryweather
Chudley Wiley Sergeant Gartell carpark Clayton Krinks Krinks Condon Eastwood
Mcilhargey Heydon Waller Voller Lahey Trask carpark Reddrop Bullor Jervis
Kempster Seward Poulter Coutts Wasteland Millward Mayer Missen Hurst Luttrel
Forst Charasse Brookman Fagan Vale Mant Pincombe Margesson Wasteland Mansbridge
Peach Geard Pulsford Cyprian's cemetery Montgomery Kempster Spurr Servatius's Shfield
Melliar Howord Cupper Buckett Dalgliesh Carse Grannum Sams Perceval Balch
carpark bodmin Boddy Eckersley Whitty Velvick Woolacoot Whyppey Borrer Penfold