The Buckoke Building

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The Buckoke Building
Thvortex (talk) 14:06, 23 July 2020 (UTC)
the Buckoke Building

Pennville [84,88]

a junkyard Blight Lane Remfry Bank
Mesney Drive Railway Station the Buckoke Building the Holcombe Building
Voizey Drive Police Department Fort Perryn vehicle depot Fort Perryn exercise yard

Basic Info:

Local artist made a nice drawing of this building, but was shot and eaten simultaneously just moments later.

Current usage

This building is being used by Game-Cavemen as their secondary HQ for those not lucky enough to have free running.

Should always be very strongly barricaded, but never more than that.

Used as access point to Methodius General Hospital, Remfry Bank, and Voizey Drive Police Department.


Ancient Rumors

Some rumors say that in past, this building was used as an office for a big insurance company. They were offering large undead payouts programs, and so were quickly broke by late 2004. Ironically, the outbreak began only a few months later. Some believe that the owner lost his mind and was the first, but not last, survivor to take his own life by jumping from this building's windows.

More Recent Times

After the outbreak, the Buckoke Building has been mainly used by random survivors as a hiding place from zombies, but never having any real purpose.

That was before fourth month of the year 2006, when a group called Game-Cavemen moved in to Pennville to the nearby building of Remfry Bank. They quickly took the Buckoke Building as their secondary HQ, both for their younger members to hide inside its walls, or to use as an access point to the bank.

Now, after their arrival, the Buckoke Building is having its new golden age. More and more survivors are looking a place to escape from nearby buildings. Maybe the most notable of these is nearby armory of Fort Perryn, which receives frequent zombie incursions.

At the end of May 2006 the building was hit few times as a part of greater series of attacks on Remfry Bank and possibly some other buildings.

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