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The Daily Spotlight: Shining a Spotlight on the Real Truths in Malton
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The Daily Spotlight

- Shining a Spotlight on the Real Truths in Malton

Previous Spotlights on Truth

The Black Christmas Siege

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Place all stories on a subpage, like so The Daily Spotlight/Story_Title_Here then link that page under the Current Spotlights on Truth Subsection with level two subheading, and a synopsis underneath, like so:

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Notes From the Editor

Please excuse our mess, We are currently setting up our print service at an abandoned factory in Yagoton.

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Current Spotlights on Truth

The Black Christmas Siege

Normal Phobic's report of the recent (As of December 23rd, 2007) seige at Ackland mall.

BB2 v.s Fort Creedy

Normal Phobic's report of the attack on Fort Creedy on December 30th, 2007.

Penny Heights Breathes Again.

Ross Johnson's report on the recovering suburb.

A Distant Ally In Need.

Ross Johnson's report on a new city with all Maltons old problems.


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