The Eccleston Building

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The Eccleston Building
--Sister Katie (talk) 20:50, 4 March 2020 (UTC)
the Eccleston Building

Miltown [92,91]

Gover Library a factory the Newborough Museum
the Cartwright Building (NT) the Eccleston Building Finnerty Auto Repair
a warehouse wasteland Old Towers

Basic Info:

The Eccleston Building is an office complex located in the north west of Miltown, a suburb of Malton.

This building is dedicated to the famous actor Christopher Eccleston, who saved Doctor Who, and winning a place in the hearts of the people of Miltown both zombie and human.

The building itself is very much like the Doctor's vehicle the Tardis making use of the internal space providing an illusion, making the building look bigger on the inside than on the out.


The Coalition loves watching Doctor Who and the whole team likes to put aside a little time from the constant struggle to survive to watch an episode together. Some people do like to whinge and say the new ones aren't like the older ones and then say that the old ones look rubbish, but the caring Coalition just simply pushes pause and then violently removes the whinging curs.

A working Tardis was actually found once while searching here, and the discoverer immediately set about reverse engineering it into some sort of crazy weapon to teleport grenades into the skulls of zombies accosting their lab. The plan was proceeding on schedule until they also found a previously undiscovered episode of Invader Zim, watched that, promptly forgot about the Tardis, and wandered off to do other stuff.

It is also interesting to note that although the building is named after Christopher Eccleston, everyone in Malton knows David Tennant was a better Doctor.

The Children of time has declared the Eccleston Building as a gathering place for survivors.

Barricade Policy

EHB per Miltown Barricade Policy