The Flowers of Decay/Recruit

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The Flowers of Decay

7600 wayward survivors educated and counting!

Zombies at revive points taking headshots. Overbarricaded revive points. Fools giggling and chatting in bars while the next suburb over dies. Buildings filled with idiotic graffiti and stolen museum pieces, courtesy of flotsam who'd rather waste time than help out.

Malton has grown weak and lazy. Over the years, group after group has vanished into obscurity... except one. The Flowers of Decay. To this very day, we continue to toil away at our thankless work, making Malton better by culling the weak and educating the strong.

We propose a better way of life. We propose strength through adversity. We are the whetstone for a blade that is in deadly need of sharpening. We are the challenge that humanity needs in order to grow stronger and better. We are the Flowers of Decay.

If you want to do something about deadweight Flotsam who try to pass themselves off as survivors, then join us.

1. We want active team players.
2. We do not recognize Honor Among Thieves. Judging from affiliation rather than merit is allowing flotsam to wallow in uselessness. We will kill whom we please, when we please.
3. We are against zerging, alt abuse, text rape and metagame spying. We want the best out of our players and allies.


19:17, 5 September 2021 (UTC)