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the Gaskell Building

Santlerville [70, 23]

Greenaway Way School
(Huntley Heights)
Timmins Place a junkyard
(Huntley Heights)
the Gaskell Building the Oxley Building
Wolters Square
(Huntley Heights)
Club Routh Club Bowerman

Basic Info:

The Gaskell Building is a building in the Malton suburb of Santlerville, just one of several in the suburb.


The Gaskell building used to be a software development facility before the outbreak. Now it serves as the refuge of an occasional survivor or two though in late July of 2007, it served as just the opposite, as the Reanimations attacked and destroyed the building. It has since been restored.

Sign Post

New Suburb Go West
Huntley Heights

Hospital Go South
Towards St. Spyridon's Hospital

Entry Point Go North East
Junkyard Entry Point

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