The Goth Store

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The Goth Store
Group Numbers: Groups are for victims of peer pressure.
Leadership: Goth Store Owner
Goals: Whatever
Recruitment Policy: Whatever
Contact: What's wrong with friggin talking to me?

Goth Store Location

The Goth Store is a unique specialty store located in the Southeast corner of Ackland Mall (33,45), in the suburb of Havercroft

The following clothing items are available at this location: Goth1.jpg

Eye Wear

  • A pair of purple-lensed glasses
  • White Contact Lenses
  • Red Contact lenses



  • A black top hat (also available at the Tompson Mall Hat Store, and mansions)
  • A black leather cap


  • An Ankh Necklace (available at all malls)
  • A Studded Leather Collar (available at all malls)
  • A Spiky Leather Collar
  • A Skull Necklace



  • A Black Skull T-Shirt
  • A Black Ankh T-Shirt
  • A Ruffled White long-sleeved Shirt
  • A Black String Vest
  • A Dark Green string vest
  • A Dark purple string vest


  • A Stud Covered Leather Jacket
  • A Chain Covered Leather Jacket


  • A pair of tartan trousers
  • A pair of studded leather trousers
  • A pair of chain-covered trousers
  • A chain-covered skirt


  • A pair of Big Black Boots
  • A pair of Black Platform boots