The Juliana Theory

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The Juliana Theory
Abbreviation: TJT
Group Numbers: 5
Leadership: N/A
Goals: We are the thorn in your side,
and the bullet to blow you apart
Recruitment Policy: Closed
Contact: N/A


Vocals/Guitar: Brett Detar
Bass: Chad Alan
Guitars: Joshua Kosker, Josh Fiedler
Drums: Josh 'Chip' Walters

Emotion is Dead

And so is this city. We're just doing what we can to survive, one beat at a time.


Obviously, none of us are actually in this band. It's all good, RP fun inspired by the vast amount of Malton "celebrities."


We've managed to make a few friends along the journey..
The 4-H
Black Berets


The Buddy System: We never travel alone. Ever. If you see one TJTer, you can be guaranteed that another band member is nearby. This makes life a lot easier when it comes to prettymuch everything.. Afterall, shouldn't a group play like one?

PKing and GKing: We do not actively PK anyone unless prompted or acting on a bounty list, but if someone's on our lists or we actively see them destroying property, we WILL shoot first and action questions later.

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