The Living Dead

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The Living Dead
Abbreviation: T.L.D.
Group Numbers: All who work toward our mission
Leadership: Joint Leadership
Goals: Bring zombies back to Malton
Recruitment Policy: Add The Living Dead to your group box in your profile
Contact: Leave a message on our talk page

The Living Dead is an organization with the mission of bringing zombies back to Malton.


Are you tired of Malton being populated with more survivors than zombies? Do you want the game to resemble a post apocalyptic zombie outbreak? Then join our cause to reverse this survivor infestation.


Want to join? Just put The Living Dead in your group box while editing your profile.


If you or your group is in favor of the The Living Dead organization, note this below, preferably with a link to profile, group or organization page. Additionally, adding "The Living Dead" to your groups on your profile can be an indication of support and may also encourage zombies or zombie-supporting survivors who view your profile to join all of us.

Current Activity