The Renegades

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The Renegades
Group Numbers: 23
Leadership: Joshua Mlodnowski
Goals: The removal of Zombies and Pk's from our operating area.
Recruitment Policy: Open
Contact: Joshua Mlodnowski

Who We Are

The Renegades are currently looking for a new Base at the momment. We are a civilian based Militia group founded by two brothers and a new found friend following the lockdown. Now over 20 strong, The Renegades are closely allied with PEZ United. The group is currently taking in members from any class or level. Zombie Headhunting is the top priority of the group, however in order to keep the clan functioning properly; safehouse guards, recruiting, scouting and foraging are also important jobs members are expected to fullfill. The Renegades find PKing to be the greatest injustice in the city of Malton, and will shoot any PKer on sight. The fight is against the raging hord, not fellow humans.

Branch Alpha:


Josh Mloianowski

Former Members

Lean Lark

William Smith



Dr. Amanada Reucser

aurora alder

Joe Esquire


Harmless Duck



Private Gluhwein




ron j


Evangeline Law



kiss my axe 333


Kiki Yubari

John Gunlach

Dr. Rockso (Member of KillDeus257)






Qwerty Uiop

Hall of Fame

The Core Group

Base of Operations

Guidelines to a fully functioning safe house.

A Renegade Safe house is created when The Renegade leaders decide it is time to open up another building, then a leader is chosen. Once the location and leader is decided the next process is to fill up the positions in the safe house. There should be a Safe House Commander, and 10 others.

The Positions should be filled as followed:

  • 1 medic
  • 1 Special Ops
  • 2 Recruiters
  • 2 Drill Sergeants
  • 4 Safe House Guards

Once you begin to recruit lower level members, you must open an Academy to begin The Renegades Training Program relatively close to the Safe House. At this point the Safe House is fully functional and may begin sending members to other locations.

Safe Houses

Atway Auto Repair- South Blythville

Triggs Auto Repair- Tapton

Safe House Unknown- Location Unknown


The Renegades' academies house new recruits participating in The Renegades Training Program. Currently the following academies are active:

  1. St. Cyprian's Church in Tapton (Temporary Inactive)


Ständige Vertretung


The Tapir Riders of the Apocalypse

Kill Deus257

Scappy J


We are Recruiting 24/7, get in contact with any member and they will point you in the direction of our safe house. The easiest way to get in contact with one of us is by e-mailing Deus at if you aren't up for email, then go to a PEZ United location and ask them about us. All you need to have to be on the team is a weapon and mobile phone so we can keep in contact if you aren't at home base. Our radio station is 26.11...Big Brother is listening.

Sgpicon1.gif Sacred Ground Policy Supporter
This user or group supports the Sacred Ground Policy and acknowledges that all Cemeteries in the city of Malton are considered Revivification Points.

What To Do When You Join

When you are cleared to join the team, you must do a few things:

  1. First in your profile, state that you are a member of The Renegades.
  2. If you don't have free running, report to an Academy for training.
  3. Get a mobile phone to keep in contact with the team.
  4. Add all Renegades members to your contact list.
  5. Report to HQ and talk with Josh or Deus for an assignment. If you're not yet at Level 5, you may be sent to an Academy to complete the Training Program.
  6. Notify Josh or Deus if you are leaving the safe house for more then a day.
  7. Check the wiki daily, there isn't always a change, but important news may be reported.

The Jobs

As a Renegade you are given a certain job that you do to benefit the group.

Safe House Commander: -The Safe House Commander of SHC is the leader of a Safe house, they are in command of all Renegades in the area, and assign their team members positions. SHC can have a second command if wanted, and are chosen by the Leader of The Renegades and the SHC that The Renegade came from.

Safe house guard: -Stationed at a safe house, keeps up barricades, reports and attacks nearby zombies.

Medical Unit: -Stationed at a safe house, gives aid to any Renegade member in the area also heals people in Safe house

Greenhorn: -A Greenhorn is a bran-new member to the team if seen fit the Greenhorns Safe House Commander will send The Renegade to the Academy or be assigned a more experienced job.

Special Ops: -Stationed outside of a safe house at another building, does reconnaissance for team, in a way Undercover. Also used to protect and area such as a NecroTech building.

Recruiter: -Stationed at a safe house, alternates in a 48-hour shift staying in another building recruiting for the team. When in the building off duty acts as a Medical Unit or Safe house guard.

Drill Sergeant: -Stationed at a safe house Academy, a Drill Sergeant(DS) in appointed by a their safe house commander and trains the greenhorns of the group to above level 5 status. (note generally two Drill Sergeants per academy) The more experienced DS can give jobs to the cadet's as seen fit.

News updates from the group

Old News



TOP PRIORITY: Eliminate PK Group "KillDeus257"

The Elimination of the politician Danson Tapiro, and the rest of his party The Tapir Riders of the Apocalypse

Protect the Cell Tower: Isgar Towers in South Blythville and The Crang Building in Tapton , Police stations: Gotch Plaza Police Dept. in S.B and Haag Plaza PD in Tapton , and Malls: Marven Mall at S.B and Pole Mall from the sudden attacks upon the town.

know what you are talking about Short-wave Radio Info
This group or location has a dedicated radio frequency.

Frequency: 26.11 MHz
Transmitter Coordinates: Triggs Auto Repair, Tapton [48,78]