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 Horde Numbers 
About 50

Recruitment Policy

1. Be a zombie
2. Post Here


· Petrosjko
· Sonny
· Patrucio
· Murray Jay Suskind
· Lord Moloch
· Johnny Bass
· Globule 13
· Jadkor
· Irishmen
· Bosch

Aunts and Uncles

· Funk McBogey
· Hump the Messiah
· Cthulhu In Lingerie
· Ironic Sponge Tissue
· 70758552
· Charles Freck
· Far Traveller

The War Council

· 70758552
· Charles Freck
· Cthulhu In Lingerie
· Funk McBogey
· Ironic Sponge Tissue
· TexasXDork
· Two Headed Sex Beast

Malton Herald & Sun

The Malton Herald & Sun is the official newspaper of the RRF.

Read, be enlightened, and achieve BARHAH!


Numbering between 45 and 60 at any given time and at the heart of numerous historic events in Malton, the Ridleybank Resistance Front is the longest-standing and most famous of the large organised hordes in Malton. Formed in September 2005 by the legendary Petrosjko, they have turned their notorious homeland of Ridleybank into the most feared suburb in the city, whilst historically being able to reach out and ruin any other location in Malton, almost at will.

New Players

The RRF would like to offer a rotting hand to aid new players in the (at first glance) overwhelming world of UD. If you sign up with us at, you'll find a welcoming and fun as hell community to help you get adjusted to the game and gain experience faster than any other group around.

Current Location

The horde is currently partying hard in Ridleybank. If you're interested in joining up with the horde more information can be found in the RRF Recruiting Station public forum.

The Birth of a Horde

In late September 2005 a zombie known as Petrosjko was dismayed to find Ridleybank being used as a survivor stronghold and put out a call for fellow zombies to join in the sacking of Moggridge Place Police Department. Things quickly escalated to the point that Petrosjko declared the formation of the Ridleybank Resistance Front, a horde that would lay claim to Ridleybank as its own territory.

Within a week dozens of zombies had answered the call and Ridleybank soon became known in survivor circles as the most dangerous suburb in the city, a position that still is rarely in contention.


The Ridleybank Resistance Front is well known for banning illegal tactics, such as alt-abuse and zerging.

Rules regarding alts...

  1. Never, ever specifically coordinate your alts to individually help out the RRF.
  2. Any alts must be kept at least 10 blocks away from your RRF character, with at least 24 hours of time between moving one of your characters within 10 blocks of where your alt has been.
  3. If you have an alt in an organized group who is either being ordered to an area where the RRF is, or the RRF is going to where your other organized group is, you must choose to play with one or the other until the groups have parted ways. If playing against the RRF with an alt for a time, it's considered fair to not use our IRC channels and forum until the two sides are no longer engaged.


  1. Newer members who may be overwhelmed by horde life and may have missed these rules will be given one warning and asked to read the policies.
  2. Senior members who violate these rules will be given a very stern warning, and if merited, will no longer be welcomed in the RRF.
  3. Outright zerging (two alts in the same area hitting with the RRF) by anyone will result in getting kicked out of the RRF and a pantsing.

Fancy Tools

As an online game, there are many a tool that allow people to do most anything they want to in the game. This is a quick rundown of things so that people understand how the RRF feels about these things.

  1. Tools that aid information organization and sorting while you're playing are just fine.
  2. Information gleaned from public metagame sources are also fine and dandy.
  3. Any and all bots that automatically do anything in-game are not, under any circumstances, allowed.
  4. "Scouting tools" are to never, ever be used by members of the RRF. This goes for scouting tools that automatically register where certain players are, what the barricade status of buildings are, what the status of buildings are, etc.

We take pride in doing our own work in the RRF. A good rule of thumb is if something automatically performs a game function for you or automatically collates data from multiple sources, it's cheating.

Command Structure

The Ridleybank Resistance Front is a multi faceted organisation, with similarly diverse objectives.

The organisational structure is (paradoxically) anarchically loose, while remaining tightly organised, meaning every member can choose to be as heavily involved as they wish. Currently the groups operations are planned by a group of elder members known as The War Council, with Bosch as the head.

Groups, Strike Teams and Black-Ops Units

The Department of Homeland Security

Under the leadership of the War Council, the Department of Homeland Security is the main horde army of the Ridleybank Resistance Front, serving as the front-line force which strikes fear into all humanity. Most famous for protecting Greater Ridleybank, it now also forms the spine of the horde and crushes the enemies of unlife wherever in Malton we should find them.

Auxunit 10

Born during the first Battle of Blackmore, Auxunit 10 is the gold-standard of RRF strike teams, operating on the front lines with deadly precision and formed of both grizzled veterans and eager young recruits. Known as the Hammar ah Barhah and renowned for kicking Serious Business in the fish and chips, Auxunit 10 is valiantly led by Nellie.

The Hammar strikes each day at 6:00pm GMT - 7:00pm BST - 4:00am AEST - 2:00pm EDT - 11:00am PDT.

The Constables

Initially conceived in March 2006 to organise the defence of Barhahville in the face of resistance to the RRF's rule shortly after the annexation of the suburb, it was revived in 2010 to help crush reclamation attempts in the Greater Ridleybank area and beyond. Launching sting operations on harmanz foolish enough to fall foul of the strict no barricades laws in effect, the Constables are led by Funk McBogey.

The Constables patrol each day at 11:30pm GMT - 12:30am BST - 09:30am AEST - 7:30pm EDT - 4:30pm PDT.

The Gore Corps

Founded during the original Big Bash, the Gore Corps are the resident death cultists of the RRF. They are the bane of the existence of every harman they come across, devastating their ranks either dead or alive. They are also known for their provocative dress and pubescent fascination with sex. The Corps is led by Papa Bosch himself.

Gore Corps strike times are not public.

The Gray Guard

Comprised of retired old Ridleys, burnt out from the game but still bound to the horde by duty and friendship. These brave warriors mainly sit around a fire in Moggridge Place Police Department in the Zombie Homeland trading war stories and telling any young zombie who will listen about the good old days, back when the brains were sweeter, the harmanz were smarter, and Petrosjko wore pants.

Your Daily Inspirational Message

Oftentimes, I am asked Why should I join the Resistance?"

Well, Malton. Just look around you.

The Resistance represents everything that is still decent and good in Malton, from the sunny, barricade-free streets in Ridleybank to the piles of human bodies still burning in the Stanbury Village atrocity zones.

You should join, not because you want to be free of the chains binding humanity, but because deep down in your heart, you know that hiding in some barricaded cess-pool surrounded by burnt out Christmas lights and teenagers in combat fatigues is not how you wanted to spend your golden years.

You should join because you want Malton to be free,

Free of hatred. Free of poverty and senseless violence.

Free of humans.

-Speaker for the Undead

Today's Poster of Zen



If you wish to join the ranks of the Ridleybank Resistance Front, you can do so by posting in this thread, where any questions can be answered, or on the Nexuswar IRC server at #rrf-ud (click to access the channel via your browser).

The Ridleybank Resistance Front
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