The Village People

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The Village People

Citizens of the world, the Village People have arrived!

We've come to defeat the zombie hordes through the power of ...

With a song in our hearts and excessive amounts of leather on our
bodies, we have heeded the call to 'Go West' and are coming to
bring liberation, love and lube to the suburb of Foulkes Village.

Making our camp in nine square blocks on the eastern border
of the Village, we are a willing army to help restore order to this
Jungle City.

We are currently working with The Legion of the Octopope in an
attempt to secure and maintain the local NT buildings, as well as
to help clear up the mess that the recent Extinction tour left
this area of Malton in. There are still stragglers groaning around
Foulkes Village, but we will defeat them.

The Village People
Location Foulkes Village
Members 7, but we remain positive
Membership Apply on our forum
Need a revive? Ask us here

Building Cade Levels

Naisbitt Library : EHB
Barnefield Monument : Revive Point
St Maximillian's Church : VSB
Hinckesman Building : EHB
Rees Building : EHB
Warehouse [8,85] : EHB
Burdett Building : EHB
Hobby Building : EHB

If you're passing and see any of these buildings at different cades (or note any peculiar or unfriendly tagging on them!), please report it in the 'buildings' section of our public forum. Thank you!

Revive Point

Are you standing erect? Groaning tunelessly? Swaying from side to side? Sounds to me like you've been zombified and need a hot funk injection to get your mojo running again!

Well, we Village People are always happy to give needy survivors a prick, so just shamble over to The Barnefield Monument, leave us a message on our Revive Request Thread (registration NOT necessary), and we'll give you your groove back in no time.

Entry Point

Young man, are zombies on your case?
I say, young man do you need a a safe place?
I said, young man, there's a place you can stay.
And you don't need to be ga-ay.
It's fun to stay at our Y.M.C.A.!

That's right, we Village People have opened our back door for all you weary travellers caught out without a safe place to hide.

Our entry point is St. Maximillian's Church [10,83] and we will keep it as VSB+2.

If you find it over or under-barricaded then leave us a message at our forum (you don't have to be a member, but you're more than welcome to join!).

Our CAMPus



We Want You!

It doesn't matter if you are a Lonely Lady or a Macho Man, hardened pro or fresh meat, you'll find a happy home with us in our campus.

To join the Village People you will have to do just three things:

  1. Register at our forum stating your interest in joining The Villagers.
  2. Enter 'The Village People' (without quotation marks) under the 'my group' section of your Urban Dead profile.
  3. Grow a moustache. Yes, even the women. Manly moustaches not only look great, but they also deter zombies, who run in fear from such rugged, butch masculinity.

Anything Else

If you do have any questions that this page doesn't cover, please feel free to use the public section of our forum to leave us a message, or edit our discussion page here. Queries will be dealt with as soon as possible; with two OCD-sufferers heading the forum it's seldom 'empty' despite the present low membership!

Thank you; peace out. Oh, and remember...

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