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November 07

29th November 2007 - Business has gone well for The Watchmen this month. They've taken contracts all over Santlerville unfortunetly a number have moved out of the suburb or seem to be permenently lying down. The Watchmen decide that chasing down targets in unkown locations is unwise and rack up kills on Buck Godot and NakedRonnie in the Santlerville area. Looks like business is really picking up.

17th November 2007 - Within minutes of entry in Shearbank The'Thief locates and removes the target. Another job done without a problem. Meanwhile in Santlerville The'Joker takes out two of our contracted targets.

16th November 2007 - An anonymous player requests two seperate hits, looks like he's got some real enemies. Of course The Watchmen are always happy to oblige, no reason necessary, it's none of our business. The first target goes down without any worries while the second takes a little longer to locate. Meanwhile The Watchmen take up an open hit contract in Shearbank, The'Thief heads over while The'Joker keeps an eye the business at hand...

11th November 2007 - BATTLE ROYALE: ROUND III - Both The'Joker and The'Thief get gunned down... looks like their out of the competition. All that for nothing, was it worth it? ... of course. Sign us up for next year!

8th November 2007 - BATTLE ROYALE: ROUND II - With the beginning of round two The'Joker immediately tracks down eugenie De Franval to a junkyard on the edge of the suburb. He quickly wastes his target with a tire iron and leaves to wait for round III as The'Thief is killed before he has a chance to realise what's going on.

6th November 2007 - BATTLE ROYALE: ROUND I - Tracking down his target in a matter of minutes, a tense shootout ensues in Holoyd Bank, unfortunetly it turns out that the glass isn't bullet proof after all and The'Joker goes down. Meanwhile after 3 days of stalking The'Thief tracks down his target in The Derrington building, shotgunning him as he sleeps. Unfortunetly he ends up without a screenshot, so the kill dosn't count.

4th November 2007 - BATTLE ROYALE - The most daring, dangerous and sometimes deadly survivors from Malton gather together to fight in bloody mortal combat across the ruins of Shearbank, so of course The Watchmen were one of the first to sign up. May the best man win.

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