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This page is for system operators to request a demotion of status, or for enaction of demotion due to long-term inactivity. The act of demotion is restricted to those with bureaucrat status, and as such system operators will need to request their demotion here.

Guidelines for Demotion Requests


System operators who wish to request demotion must consider these things before applying.

  • Reason for demotion - As demotions cannot be reversed unless the user goes through promotions page again, the user is asked to make sure that they are making the correct decision when applying for demotion.

After a system operator has submitted his or her demotion request, the active Bureaucrats will review it, and after reaching a unanimous decision, choose to either demote the system operator deny his or her request. After action has been taken, the request will be moved to the archive.


Crystal Clear app xmag.png main article: Policy Text

  • A sysop that hasn't made any edit in four months will be warned, on their talk page, by a Bureaucrat, that they face demotion of their sysop powers in one week, if they remain inactive.
  • One week after the warning has been placed, dependant on the actions of the sysop, the Bureaucrat will decide whether or not to carry out the demotion.
  • This is to avoid, for example, the unlikely case of a sysop simply making a single edit with the aim of avoiding the demotion.
  • The Bureaucrat is trusted and bound to make a fair decision, and not to demote a sysop who clearly demonstrates a return to activity on the wiki.
  • Any demonstrable abuse of this power by a Bureaucrat, however unlikely, could (as with any other abuse of specific powers) be grounds for a Misconduct case.
  • If the sysop makes no response at all to the warning, they must be demoted.

Requests for demotion still needing to be processed

Recent Actions

Sysop Activity Check

06:17, 14 July 2008 (BST)

User Position Last Update
Kevan Bureaucrat, Sysop immune
Urbandead Bureaucrat, Sysop immune
A Helpful Little Gnome (Contribs) Sysop 2008-07-14
Boxy (Contribs) Bureaucrat, Sysop 2008-07-13
Conndraka (Contribs) Sysop 2008-07-13
Daranz (Contribs) Sysop 2008-07-08
Grim s (Contribs) Bureaucrat, Sysop 2008-07-14
Karek (Contribs) Sysop 2008-07-14
Krazy Monkey (Contribs) Sysop 2008-07-13
Nubis (Contribs) Sysop 2008-07-14
Swiers (Contribs) Sysop 2008-07-14
Thari (Contribs) Sysop 2008-06-07
The General (Contribs) Sysop 2008-03-27
Vantar (Contribs) Sysop 2008-07-07
Zombie slay3r (Contribs) Sysop 2008-07-09