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This wiki has a number of good policies that help to keep things running smoothly, but situations change over time, and policies don't always keep up.

One such example is the policy that created the Ghost Town status for the DangerMap system. The policy served a valuable purpose at the time, but the DangerMap system has been in need of an overhaul for almost as long as I've been here, and every attempt at rethinking the system has run into a brick wall when they realize that they can't touch the Ghost Town status because it is locked in as part of wiki policy.

Let's fix that.

I propose that the following become policy:

  1. We abolish the New Suburb Tag (edit, new vote) policy.

That's it. Doing that will provide wiki users with the freedom they need to make the necessary changes to keep the DangerMap useful, without having to go through all the bureaucratic hassle involved in writing and passing policies.

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