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==Under Discussion==
==Under Discussion==

* [[UDWiki:Open Discussion/The Suggestions System|The Suggestions System: Why, How, And WTF?]]
** A place to discuss the suggestions system.

* [[UDWiki:Open Discussion/Monroeville_How_Was_It_For_You?|Monroeville. How was it for you?]]
* [[UDWiki:Open Discussion/Monroeville_How_Was_It_For_You?|Monroeville. How was it for you?]]

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This place is reserved for discussion involving several users about topics not covered in any other sections of this wiki. These discussions should not necessarily get extra attention by the community, but they need the right place to be discussed, since most of them started in user or group talk pages.

There is no guideline to follow to open a Discussion, just provide a link for a subpage of this article and a brief explanation about it. If the discussion started in a user or group page, remember to redirect the users involved that it was moved elsewhere.

Under Discussion

  • Ignore all rules
    • A rule for ignoring rules that hinder the improvement or maintenance of the Urban Dead wiki.

Closed Discussions

discussion between Akule, Grim s and several others about civility and the behavior a SysOp should have in this wiki.
Discussion on the validity of democracy as a process on which to base this wikis decision making processes.
Discussion on the state of the game.