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This place is reserved for discussion involving several users about topics not covered in any other sections of this wiki. These discussions should not necessarily get extra attention by the community, but they need the right place to be discussed, since most of them started in user or group talk pages.

There is no guideline to follow to open a Discussion, just provide a link for a subpage of this article and a brief explanation about it. If the discussion started in a user or group page, remember to redirect the users involved that it was moved elsewhere. Whenever a discussion is finished, move it to the archive.

Under Discussion

UDWiki:Open Discussion/New Dangermap

An open discussion regarding what could possibly be done to update the dangermap system.

This conversation was opened under Sysop misconduct

Hi, not sure if this fits here but there is on ongoing issue with the goth store page. I am the goth store owner in game. have been running the shop since 2/2015. i decided to modify the page to reflect this. since the edit another party, realsiege22, has attempted revision excluding me claiming i am an imposter however this person the previous person it is linked to (goth store owner) notr is this person the creator of the page. I think it is an illegal alt made as now Boxy has made the same revision without cause or explanation? I have been talking about this issue on both my user page to Bob Moncrief and on the RealSiege22 user page where he is trying to link me to a bunch of other stuff that isnt true. So im wondering why is a revision being done by Boxy without explanation? goth store owner has not been seen around havercroft on a regular basis for years hence why i created the toon and am there at my post every day alive or dead. i also do not grief, pk, or zerg as goth store owner has been witnessed doing this week. it seems like realsiege22 knows the site well and maybe too well so that is why i suspect he is an illegal alt of another user here. so if this is the incorrect place for me to ask then im sorry but seemsalot of shady stuff is going on and i know that ingame cheaters help[ each other so hope this place is a bit more on the up and up

also realsiege22 keeps undoing my revision with the reasoning that i am an impersonator. i am my own account called THE goth store owner. there is nobody impersonating me. I will be happy to meet anyone in game if I need to prove myself too. realsiege22 is also not the previous person tagged to the page (goth store owner who is known as the user:not a character). On his user page he appears to be speaking to for that person 3rd party which is very odd. i think he may be alt abusing on this site. So he is revising the page for no reason. He is not the previous character attached nor is he the creator of the page. And with Boxy doing revisions without cause it seems the two are connected somehow? Please assist The Goth Store Owner (talk) 10:38, 24 August 2015 (UTC)

forgot to addi have already opened talks on both my user page and realsiege22 user page and no response. just the same unfounded reviisons thanks The Goth Store Owner (talk) 10:39, 24 August 2015 (UTC)

another thing. RealSiege22 is a new account yet he seems far more familiar with the editing lingo than someone like myself who is new. again more proof towards alt abuse on here The Goth Store Owner (talk) 10:43, 24 August 2015 (UTC)

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