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[[Undead_Poets_Society/survivor|Survivor Poetry]] | [[Undead_Poets_Society/zombie|Zombie Poetry]] | [[Undead_Poets_Society/pk|Player Killer Poetry]]   
[[Undead_Poets_Society/survivor|Survivor Poetry]] | [[Undead_Poets_Society/zombie|Zombie Poetry]] | [[Undead_Poets_Society/PK|Player Killer Poetry]]   
== Undead Poets Society ==
== Undead Poets Society ==

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Survivor Poetry | Zombie Poetry | Player Killer Poetry

Undead Poets Society

The Undead Poets Society has been formed as an outlet for those in the Malton community with a penchant for piecing together or partaking of creative prose as well as an archive for said works. Whether your proclivity is towards the survivor, zombie or player killing lifestyle there will be a section for you to post your work and comment on the works of others.

More to Come...

The navigation, content and layout will be added shortly. Thank you for your patience.

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