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The Urban Guerillas, after months of peaceful cooperation, have hit an opponent that would not negotiate. This enemy, the IWM, is our first open conflict, though probably not the last. Here, memories of the conflicts shall be archived for future references... This is currently just a guideline, I thought we should record what's going on before it's too late. Add any info you feel is needed.

Open and Armed Conflicts

Imperial War Machine


Dakerstown, along with Roywood, Jensentown, and Judgewood. A few skirmishes happened in Peddlesden Village.

Parties Involved

The Urban Guerillas, supported by a few others, vs. the IWM

How it started

The totalitarian nature of th IWM irked a good few people at the UG, especially their "suggestions" to leave. When the IWM opened fire on a guerrilla, the UG responded with full force. This was done between September the 29th and September the 30th. Though the move was expected by the more active users, the one that didn't stay in close contact were also attacked and killed within the following days before regrouping with the others.

How it was fought

The UG has fought so far by tactics inspired by guerilla warfare: They run into the zones of conflict, kill any imperialists they see, and retreat back to safety untill they are able to strike once more. The IWM was focused in Dakerstown at the start, but as the battle raged they tended to disperse into the adjacent suburbs, making finding them harder at times as they covered a larger surface. On the wiki, a massive information war, or edit war, was raged, especially on the Dakerstown page, which was started and continually aggravated by Duce Nauks and his lies. Doing so however irked alot of people, which leaded him getting banned from the wiki for one whole year, so far.

Later, probably out of fear, Duce Nauks approached us desiring a deal. Since this deal involved treating both sides equally, the Urban Guerillas stated that they would not agree to peace for nothing less than their total expulsion from Dakerstown. Duce Nauks, seeing there was nothing to gain from this (his goal beeing to gain though diplomacy what he could not through warfare), fled the area and was executed soon after.

More recent though is the sudden surge of IWM numbers in Dakerstown, shortly after the UG claimed victory and control over Dakerstown. The soldiers though, arrived in uncertain terrain, as they had not been there for a while, and where obviously ill-equiped, as the Urban Guerillas suffered minor casualties during those few days, and the IWM death count jumped though the roof.. Since then, IWM numbers seem to have risen in Judgewood.

How it was ended

Having failed to defeat the Urban Guerillas in combat, the IWM first attempted to fight on as a zombie grouping, making alliances with Extinction. Urban Guerillas continued to target the IWM over all other zombies as part of their No Platform for Fascists' policy. Eventually, the IWM retreated, permanently leaving the newly formed People's Republic of Dakerstown.

Using the logic of all imperialists however, Duce Nauks, their leader, declared 'total victory' in that they had left the new People's Republic in ruins. In defence of this ludicrous claim, he cited the US 'victory' in Vietnam, where that country and its people were left to deal with the brutal destruction inflicted upon them by their fleeing enemies.

We Fight to Win - They Shall Not Pass

North-West Treaty

The last proposal for peace.

In order to stop the conflict, the IWM and the UG sign this treaty, and will follow every following articles


  • The Imperial War Machine shall be dissolved.
  • The group's wiki page shall no longer be updated. It may be submitted for historic group status, if it fails, it is to be deleted.
  • A list of all past and present members is to be presented.
  • Every person who has participated in IWM activities since the arrival of the IWM in Dakerstown is to be expelled of the stipulated areas¹, and are forbiden to reside in those areas.
  • Duce Nauks is to avoid all areas frequented by the Urban Guerillas. He shall remain at a minimum of 25 blocks from any UG establishment, as well as from suburbs the UG or their allies are operating in.

¹ Dakerstown, Jensentown, Quarlesbank, Roywood, Judgewood, Gatcombeton, Peddlesden Village, Chuddleyton, Darvall Heights, Dunnell Hills, West Boundwood, East Boundwood, Lamport Hills, Shuttlebank, Yagotown, Millen Hills, Kinch Heights, Buttonville, West Grayside, East Grayside, Scarletwood, Gusonside.

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