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This template produces a character page for members of the Philosophe Knights in the style commonly associated with their group. In order to use this template, copy the text in the box below (please copy it by selecting it here and not by editing this page and then selecting the text from the code area, since it won't work that way) and add text or other code after each equal sign (=). For a few demonstrations of this template in use, see the following two examples:

I would strongly suggest examining the code of those two demonstrations to see how various things are done. As you can see in the first one, leaving optional fields blank has only a minimal impact on the page, allowing people who use this template to only provide as much or as little information as they want about their character. In the second example, you can see that I did quite a few complicated things, simply because I wanted to demonstrate the versatility of the template.

{{User:Aichon/Sandbox/Templates6 <!-- REQUIRED: You MUST fill in these three variables. --> |abbreviation= |character name= |character id= <!--OPTIONAL: These variables control your profile that's on the left. If you want to add your own fields instead of, or in addition to, using these ones, skip to the next section. Remarks show up no matter what, so you may as well fill them in with something of your own. --> |DOB= |hair color= |birthplace= |eye color= |height= |complexion= |weight= |gender= |build= |race= |remarks= |quote1= <!--OPTIONAL: These variables let you customize your profile's fields. If, for instance, you wanted "Hobbies" to be a field, fill it in for profile1, then for profile1text, fill in your actual hobbies. You can have up to 10 custom profile fields. --> |profile1= |profile1text= |profile2= |profile2text= |profile3= |profile3text= |profile4= |profile4text= |profile5= |profile5text= |profile6= |profile6text= |profile7= |profile7text= |profile8= |profile8text= |profile9= |profile9text= |profile10= |profile10text= <!--OPTIONAL: These variables control the box with your image that goes on the right side. It's suggested you fill them in. --> |character box header= |image name= |image size= |goal= |recruitment= |contact= |rank= <!--OPTIONAL: These are the boxes that show up on the right side. For each of them, "name" is the heading at the top, "link" is what it should link to, and "text" is the description. You can make up to five of them. --> |box2link= |box2name= |box2text= |box3link= |box3name= |box3text= |box4link= |box4name= |box4text= |box5link= |box5name= |box5text= <!--OPTIONAL: These are your other quotes. They show up under the boxes on the right side. --> |quote2= |quote3= |quote4= |quote5= <!--OPTIONAL: This is the text that goes under your profile. Fill in as much or as little as you like.--> |main text= }}