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Starting Occupation: Fire Fighter (civie)
Group Membership: Dunell Hills Police Department
Goals: To Defend Dunell Hills from the dead heads of Malton.
Username: Albright
More details: Urban Dead profile


Basic Info

Arrived in the City: (January 15, 2006) Been fighting the undead menace ever since.
Current Status: Alive and well, serving in defense of Caiger Mall.


After being separated from his station during a fire fight, Albright was knocked unconcious when he was hurled from his fire engine, and left for dead. Luckily, he landed in a nearby dumpster, which kept him hidden from zombies. When he awoke hours later, he found himself all alone with nothing to protect himself with except his trusty axe. Not knowing where he was, he went in search of a hiding place, finally stumbling into Cotty Street PD in the suburb of Dunell Hills, where he hung out for the first couple of days.

Deciding to search the area, and kill some dead heads, he found the Yea Drive PD and shortly thereafter, joined the DHPD. Since then, he has done all he can to protect the Northeast of Dunell Hills, including sister station, Broadbelt Grove. And now finds himself up at Caiger Mall to help defend against the oncoming siege with the rest of his Dunell Hills Police Department colleagues.


Primary Mission - Defend Dunell Hills, Yea Drive PD and the surrounding area of the Northeast corner of the suburb.

Secondary Mission - Assist the defense of Caiger Mall with the rest of his comrades in the DHPD.

Current Mission - Caiger Mall Defense.

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