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Gavel.jpg This user has been blocked indefinitely.
Please refer to contributions and/or Vandal Data for evidence. See block log.
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This page has been protected against editing. See the archive of recent actions or the Protections log. Crossman Defense Force Awards

Expensive Offer:

Using Google and some know-how, I've found a secret caché of photographs taken recently depicting Rasher and Scinfaxi in a tropical bike riding tournament.

I am willing to send these photos to anyone interested for a large fee. I must warn you though - I could barely contain my disgust while sorting through these photos.

Rasher on a bike. Scinfaxi on a bike. Rasher and Scinfaxi on top of a bike. Rasher using his role volunteering to help bikes in order to brutally ride them. The list goes on. (At one point Rueful enters and rides both bikes at the same time without a proper wash-up.)

Also featured is the bizarre insertion of Rasher's entire bike into Scinfaxi's gaping, abused, bike-filled bike shop.

I've made one CD of these photos, then promptly set fire to my computer. The opening bid is 5,000 bikes - winning bidder may do what they wish with these graphic images, though I suggest launching this fleshy, pale, blur of bike riding into the sun.

Get this while it lasts! The rarity of this item will only increase over time, since Scinfaxi has recieved a leingthy prison sentence for riding a dozen small bikes and his Grandmother's bike... Which I believe was broken at the time, as well. At least we know that in prison, Scinfaxi will finally ride the bikes he has been missing. Perhaps the deep-seeded rejection that causes him to act out will finally be dissolved when he becomes the willing prison bike rider we all know him to be.

Dirty bike pervert.jpg Dirty Bike Rider
This user rides multiple bikes. Hard.

Why moderators probably suck:

  • Hagnat - Not known for being decisive, but when he is, he's usually wrong. Likes to give preschool "time outs" to people he likes instead of the warnings or bans spelled out in this Wiki's guidelines. Designation: Pandering Idiot.
  • Xoid - Has shown he is incapable of controlling himself. What's more, he apologizes for assuming "bad faith" one minute, then assumes "bad faith" and attacks the next. Not sure if even he understands himself. Designation: Simpering Bikehole.
  • Cyberbob240 - Given a place on the counsel, he has now been corrupted by the dark side of the force. Now serves the fascist empire like a good apprentice. Designation: He was supposed to be the Chosen One!
  • Grim s - Never been a very good person, much less a good moderator. Weak and useless in terms of actual Mod duties - until he gets properly pissed off. Then all bets are off when he... well... verbally assaults folks and cries himself to sleep. Rumor has it that he once got intensely angry while looking at a photograph of a kitten. Designation: Tremendous Bike.

Amazing used to conduct himself in a manner
above those who besmirched his name, but never
got the credit for it.

What have you created?

Redskull.jpg Mod all the Zambahz!
This user thinks that we should stop wasting
time and just make every single zombie
player on Urban Dead a Moderator.

Skulls.jpg No More Wiki Drama
This user or group is fed up with never-ending wiki drama.
Mnweye.gif Malton's Most Wanted!
The user below is currently Malton's Most Wanted, and should be terminated on sight without mercy.
hagnat - Zombie Player

Wanted for crimes against humanity, including directing his zombie group to attack another while it was down. This was done simply to claim an easy victory in an area the target group barely inhabited.

For these crimes, the penalty is repeated PKing.

Last seen in Darvall Heights.

Cmslogo1.jpg Caiger Mall Survivor
This user or group assisted in defending Caiger Mall on one or more occasions.
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This user is listed on the
Urban Dead Profile Directory.
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This user is an Arbitrator.
Mnweye.gif Malton Neighborhood Watch
This group or user supports the
Malton Neighborhood Watch.
Mamamia.jpg Mama Mia! Mama Mia!
This user finds thunderbolts and
 lightning very, very frightening.
Georgebushdoesntcareaboutangels.jpg NO TEMPLATES!
This User does not use templates. Ever.
Justice.PNG Hotshot Lawyer
This user is obviously some sort of hotshot racism and religious hatred lawyer.
Pchild.jpg Petulant Child
This user has been called a petulant child on one or more occasions.

You say "Bahrang gahm..."

  • Long-time multiplayer game Admin.
  • Professional comicbook author.
  • Indie video game artist.
  • Ordained Minister. (Alright, not really...)
  • Former actor and voice-over artist.
  • Fake musician.
  • Web Designer.
  • Possibly your father.

Maligned on this Wiki for some reason. (The inmates run the asylum.)

UD Wiki Arbitrator and former Moderator. Ended Moderator term without breaking a single guideline.

Satire for that ass


Amazing is a long-haired guy with a beard who is currently being assaulted by the masses despite his contributions to the Wiki. One of the users pretended to be friendly toward him, but she ended up betraying him to the trolls. Like a ritualistic, brutal beating, the trolls will not relent and continue to strike at him without pity, hoping to nail him. It has been said that he should simply ascend above it all and disappear from the Wiki. Somewhere a Moderator washes his hands.

(And if you think I'm being deadly serious, please go play in traffic. Heretics.)


Code for your page: {{SaveAmazing}}

Love.jpg I <3 AMAZING!
This user or group <3s Amazing! This user or group is also Anti-Anti-Amazing. <3
Code for your page: {{LoveAmazing}}

Burgerking 150.jpg ALL HAIL KING AMAZING!
This user or group recognizes Amazing as King.
Amazing promises to rule fairly and justly... or at least fairly justly. {{Template:AmazingKing}}

Nuke.jpg Delete the Fucking Wiki
This user thinks the Urban Dead Wiki is full of morons, is beyond saving and should be completely deleted, its users nuked from orbit. Twice.

Do you think anyone will use the above template to say I hate the wiki instead of the group of idiots who are abusing it? Naaah, no one's that stupid.

The Amazing Fanclub!

You too can be a member of the most exclusive club on the UD Wiki!

Amazing 666sm.gif Amazing Fan Club Member
This User is officially a devoted fan of longtime Wiki contributor Amazing and his lovely beard!

Just place {{AmazingFan}} on your user or group page today! (Dues will be collected on the second Monday of every month.)

Stuff I Supports

Sgpicon1.gif Sacred Ground Policy Supporter
This user or group supports the Sacred Ground Policy and acknowledges that all Cemeteries in the city of Malton are considered Revivification Points.
McZeds.png McZeds™
This User or Group eats at McZeds™. They also support the Use of Corpses for High Quality Processed Fast Food.

Shizzle for my Nizzles

Co-runs Scroll Wars, a browser-based MMORPG.

Runs Webbed Comics, a resource for webcomic creators.

Runs Overlord Forums, a place to be dumbheaded.

"Vocalizes" for Bloodworm, a spoof Industrial/Techno band.

Findable via, a website.

Urban Dead Contributions

Jumped on the Radio page with channel listing formatting before it got too ugly.

Created & Maintains UD Avatars

Created & Maintains UD Profile Database

Creator of Sacred Ground Policy

Creator of McZed's™

Creator of Malton Neighborhood Watch

Part of Crossman Defense Force leadership. (one of the largest groups in the game)

Created the Caiger Mall Survivors logo.

Instrumental in changes to the Suggestion system.

9 Suggestions in Peer Approved, and 5 Undecided.

Character Information
Image ™ & © C.H. Wolf 2006. It is not free to use.

Amazing (if that is his real name..) is a member of the Malton police force as well as the Crossman Defense Force which was formed after the city was closed off. Highly decorated, Amazing was born and raised in Darvall Heights and would sooner die than see it forever lost to the ghouls. Slow and methodical until the time comes for a zombie bloodbath.

Silent partner in the new fast food chain, McZed's! He carries a can of Zom-B-Gone™ he inexplicably found lying on a sidewalk.
Image ™ & © C.H. Wolf 2006. It is not free to use.

Demanding was a long-suffering corporate drone when the outbreak occurred. Demanding was killed in the very early stages by a zombified Jack Russel Terrier, and spent countless months as an undead ghoul. Thankfully, he was captured and used as a guineapig by a group of scientists who successfully revived him. Demanding may have suffered a few too many head shots, as his seemingly frail and unsteady form is now a vessel of pure, unrelenting rage.

Demanding now skulks around Ackland Mall in Havercroft, chomping on rats and avoiding eye contact.

My Successful or Undecided Suggestions

These are suggestions of mine that achieved a majority of Keep votes from users of this Wiki.

  1. Preying - Undecided.
    • "Search" button for zombies to find critters for HP bonuses.
  2. Defile - Succeeded!
    • Tagging for Zombies with blood & gore instead of words.
  3. Brass Knuckles - Succeeded!
    • Punch augmenting item.
  4. Convict - Succeeded!
    • New class for those less ethical.
  5. Bullhorn - Succeeded!
    • Item to make "Speaking" a bit more powerful.
  6. Multiple Tower Floors - Succeeded!
    • Makes sense, don't it?
  7. Alarm Systems - Succeeded!
    • A more noticable way of telling players a zombie has busted in.
  8. Character Management Page - Undecided.
    • To reduce server load and make multiple characters easier to maintain.
  9. Brawling - Undecided.
    • A boost for Blunt Weapons due to character's brawling experience.
  10. Graffiti Artistry - Undecided.
    • SMALL ascii art with your Graffiti, sir? (New Graffiti Skill)
  11. Black Marker - Undecided.
    • Draw on people's faces while they sleep. Yeah, I'm surprised too.
  12. Zombie Skill Cost Change - Succeeded!
    • Makes Zombies Skills cost 75 XP for players who start UD as a Corpse.
  13. Crucifix Use #4021 - Succeeded!
    • Finally, a use for Crucifixes. Hang it on the durn wall!
  14. Binoculars - Succeeded!
    • Check out that mess over there, holmes!

Suggestions that Crapped out, but Rock

These are suggestions I believed very strongly in - that would have added a lot of fun and/or better gameplay - but were struck down for various reasons.

Vehicle System

Timestamp: 00:06, 12 Nov 2005 (GMT)
Type: System
Scope: Survivors
Description: Cars and motorcycles. Seem like they'd unbalance the game and overcomplicate everything, huh? Well, I admit this will seem complex, but I think you can look at each ingredient and see that almost all of them are based in existing actions. Vehicles would not be found by searching, instead they would exist in set numbers throughout the city of Malton. In Character, this is because they were left behind by the dead or those who have been evacuated without them. All vehicles are, at first, broken down and non-operational.

Everyone on the same block as a broken vehicle would see a button with which they can toggle on or off the act of pushing it. For example, the button would read "Start pushing car" - which is worded vaguely enough that it wouldn't need to change if there's more than one car on the block.

When you start pushing a car, it will move with you. It acts like an item in your inventory now, but others can see it on the block. If someone else tries to start pushing the car, they will be able to move it without you and effectively take it away - Just like real life. Heh heh.

So what's the point of pushing a car? The car is non-operational, so you will be trying to push it to any AUTO REPAIR building, at which point you can push it into the building. There can only be one car in the shop at a time. If you try to push another in, it effectively barricaded to the car, reading "There is already a car in the building."

Cars cannot be pushed into other buildings, but can be pushed outside/past any block that isn't fenced in. (Fences act like barricades to vehicles.)

Now, ideally there should be an "Auto Repair" skill. Once you buy this skill, you would be able to fix any vehicle. There could even be a Mechanic civilian surivor class that starts the game with this skill and a crowbar. With this in mind, read on. (some of the following would be only for people with the auto repair skill)

Once you are inside an Auto Repair building - and you have a vehicle with you (in this example, still a car.) you will see a "Repair car" button. You have a certain percent chance of fixing some part of the car. This works in the same way you would build a barrier. You would see phrases such as "You find a few spark plugs to use on the car."

In the same way a barricade is barricaded, very well barricaded, heavily barriaded, etc. a vehicle would be "broken down", "nearly fixed" and "in working order". Once a vehicle is fixed, a player can use it. "Car" button used to enter it, and "Car" button used to exit. You get the idea.

The Car button would have a number next to it, representing how much fuel is in the car. This works like the number next to a weapon. Use a gas can, and the number will go up a certain number.

So what's up with all this, anyway? When you are riding a vehicle, you can move blocks WITHOUT AN AP COST. That's right. The down side? You will use 1 point of fuel for every block. So if you fill your car with fuel up to, for the sake of example, 10.. you can move 10 spaces without an AP cost. You can still be attacked on your vehicle, but can't attack FROM it.

Every HP point you lose on a vehicle will be taken away from the HP of the Vehicle, like a BARRIER loses points when a zombie attacks it. When the vehicle reaches 0 HP, it is officially BROKEN and the entire process starts again.

When you die, you fall out of the car.. or off the motorcycle.. whatever the vehicle is. It then becomes available to anyone, working or not.

If an auto shop is heavily barricaded, trying to push the vehicle through would do damage to the barricade until it breaks down to an acceptable level while still being barricaded. Think of it as using a weapon against a barricade to get in.

So here's the run-down:

Value of a vehicle - Moving without an AP cost.

Down sides - You need to have enough fuel to go anywhere meaningful. You can be attacked on a vehicle. Vehicles break down and need repairing.

Experience - You would get XP bonuses for successfully fixing a car. I'm not sure how much, exactly. 5 XP seems about right to me, but I'm sure this will be a point of disagreement. It's highly open to discussion.

AP Costs - Every time you fix part of a broken vehicle, it will take one AP just like building a barricade. It costs 1 AP to get in a vehicle. It takes 1 AP to leave a vehicle. Pushing a vehicle to another block will cost the same as simply walking. It takes 1 AP for every gas can you use ON the vehicle to fill it up.

Unanswered Questions - Should someone be able to ride in a car with you, letting you drive them to wherever you're headed? Should it cost 2 AP to push a car to another block? Should you be able to run people down? (It sounds like fun but could it be made practical? Heh heh.)

Zombies - Is this fair to Zombies? I say yes. People will be able to move more freely, but they WILL run out of gas. They WILL break down if you attack them. They WON'T be able to attack YOU until they get off their vehicle. Also, you'll have one more place to find guarenteed victims - Auto Shops. You might even get an XP bonus for doing damage to people's vehicles as one would attack barricades.

Vehicle Types - There can be different models of car and motorcycle. Cars would hold more fuel than motorcycles. Motorcycles could be easier to fix to balance.

Car Keys - Don't need 'em. Since the vehicles are abandoned, they're hot-wired. This also explains why anyone can fix or find one and use it.

People hated the idea of vehicles in general, and the complexity of it all. Guess all they wanted to do with their time was shoot and heal.

Drag Corpse

Timestamp: 22:55, 13 Nov 2005 (GMT)
Type: Skill
Scope: Survivors, Corpses
Description: This skill would be located below "Body Building". When a Survior has the Drag Corpse skill, they will be able to drag any dead body to another block for 1AP. When a Survivor is on a block with one or more corpses, there would be a drop-down box containing possible directions (North, South, Northeast, etc.) and a "Drag Corpse" button next to it. When clicked, the user will move in the direction selected, with a non-descript random corpse from that block. This would primarily be used to move dead bodies away from safe houses so they don't respawn on the doorstep. For those worried about abuse, remember that when you are killed, you are a dead body and are therefor vulnerable to being moved. Users will need to spend 1AP to move every body by itself, so if one wants to clear a block of multiple corpses, they will only be able to move each corpse one or two tiles. Plus, a Survior won't know if he's dragging away a zombie player or a player who would like to be revived and kill zombies again. All corpses would simply be "a corpse".

This one has Seven Keeps and Eight Kills (I think..) so it was pretty split. The people who voted Kill didn't like the Griefing potential. Yep. Let's remove shooting Zombies, all it does is grief the poor zombies!! :(

Rail Travel

Timestamp: 19:40, 21 Nov 2005 (GMT)
Type: Method of transportation.
Scope: Survivors
Description: Pretty simple. When a train station has a working generator, survivors may travel from that station to another station somewhere in Malton.

When a player is in a station with power, they will see a drop-down menu of available locatiosn to travel to (maybe you can only travel to another station with power?) Listings within the drop-down would read as such: "Glorybank Station in Huckleville" so that one will be able to tell where exactly they would end up. This would allow people to move to an area currently under attack quickly to provide support, or to flee an area under attack.

How do the trains run? Well, a couple steam engines have been hijacked by some well organized survivors (this is just an IC explaination) who are running it in an effort to help others like themselves. When a player selects a location and clicks the 'buy ticket' button next to it, they will see a message reading: "You speak with a faceless voice heavily barricaded within a ticket booth. A ticket stamped 'PAID' slides out from between the wooden planks nailed over the shattered window. Those running the train will see this and take you where you wish to go." At this point, the player is transferred to their chosen location for an AP cost. (somewhere from 1 to 5?)

Questions: Should players be transported to their chosen location right when they buy a ticket, or should trains run at set times of day, meaning you will need to 'hold the fort' until your train leaves? Should Zombies be able to hop these trains at Railyards?

Abuse: Given the fact that the train station would need electricity for the train to stop there (IC explaination: they stop at stations with lights because that means it's probably safe, the train blows past stations without because it probably means there is no one there.) I don't think abuse is very likely.

Please note that at no time are you actually ON a train. This is a flavorful way of transporting you from one set of coords to the other for an AP cost below what it would take you to walk all they way there. Please note this requires no new NPCs, the train does not require you personally to find or use fuel, and the train does not run on electricity.

Sidenote to those who wish to mod - Don't delete Valid Responces again. Thank you.

Extra sidenotes: all of the discussions are on the main Suggestions discussion page... I didn't move them when I moved this page.(I'll leave that up to the author, if he wants to.) Bentley Foss 04:00, 22 Nov 2005 (GMT)

People didn't like the idea of "NPCs" running a train. We have NPCs doing air drops, recieving our Extractor Info, and spraying from planes. Bullshiz, voters. Bullshiz.

Also, people CLAIMED there were no trains or Train Tracks in Malton. Train Tracks are specifically mentioned in certain areas' descriptions, and I proposed the trains were "repaired" ones that had been left behind in the frenzy becuase they didn't work.

Oh well. You can't tell people anything.

Heightened Awareness

Timestamp: 01:47, 11 Jan 2006 (GMT)
Type: Skill
Scope: All players
Description: A player with this Skill will see a map view with slightly different BUTTONS. The player has been around long enough to recognize things from a distance, and to recognize other things EASIER than they did before.

This skill crosses over to Zombies.

Right now all location buttons are white with red text. (at least in my browser?)

I propose that, through CSS, the buttons displaying each location's name could be altered by in-game events.

For example:

All normal locations with nothing special listed below would remain white with red text, as they currently are.

  1. NecroTech Building buttons would be Dark Purple when you aquire the necissary skill to identify NT buildings that already exists.
  2. Buildings with a running generator would have Gold text.
  3. Buildings Barricaded ABOVE Very Strong would have BOLD text.
  4. Buildings whose doors are wide open would have ITALIC text.
  5. Locations with a Horde of Zombies (IE: the large number required to qualify as a horde) would have a Dark Red button. (This trumps the NT purple.)
  6. Buildings with a Cell Phone tower that is operational would have UNDERLINED text.
  • There are more possibilities, which will come to you as you read this. Right now I want to keep this brief and I think that the above are the best examples I can put forth, and if you like or don't like this suggestion by now, rattling off more wouldn't change that.
  • As far as I know, changing it around so that certain buttons have different CSS styles wouldn't be too huge a problem with code or server requirements.
  • This would greatly increase a player's ease of identification and will tell players what buildings are Barricaded above VS and which are Wide Open from a distance. I think that these facts by themselves make this a skill a lot of folks would love to buy.
  • There would of course need to be a SMALL key to the color schemes and text attributes below the map view. As I've set this up, there would be no problem with multiple styles on one location. (An NT building with doors wide open and a running generator would be a Dark purple button with italic, gold text.)
  • It is entirely realistic that a survivor or zombie could see that the next building over has its doors open, or has so much crap in its doors that it's Heavily Barricaded.

Killed primarily by FireFox elitists and "OMG SERVER LOAD!!" lamers. Some people thought this took away from the "Fear" which is rediculous. You know what? Taking away guns would add to the fear too! Why not make it so Zombies are invisible? That would add so much to the Fear! Pfft.

Purposefully Humorous

Nothing below this point should be taken seriously.. or internally!

My Pet Monster

Leashes and Collars can be found in Mall pet stores. A collar can be placed upon any Zombie, and cannot be removed until said Zombie is Revived. The chance of successfully getting a collar on a Zombie is 65%.

Leashes can be attatched to said collar, with a 35% success rate. (You have to clasp it just right and all.)

When a Zombie is on a leash, it will be 'dragged' behind you against its will no matter where you go. The leashed Zombie cannot freely attack others unless you select it from your weapon drop-down, at which point you can "Sic" it on people. When a Zombie is commanded to attack, it can freely do so in any manner it wishes until the target is dead or on another block.

There is a 10% chance that a Zombie will stain the carpet upon entering any building, at which point all Survivors in the room will see a "Rub Zombie's nose in it" button, which will have obvious results when clicked.

Zombies can also be made to drink and eat out of a bowl, which is also found in pet stores.

Zombies on a leash will recieve a new drop-down of words they can utter. These include:

"Warrf Warrf!!"
"Pant pant pant pant.."

A Zombie is only free of the leash when its owner has tired of it and leaves the Zombie behind, at which point all options return to normal for the Zombie player.

Zombies that are no longer wanted may alternately be left in a cardboard box marked "FREE ZOMBIE" from which it cannot escape until another Survivor leashes it.

Multiple Zombies placed in a box on the same block may struggle and vie for position in order to be chosen first.

When a Zombie is successfully leashed, the survivor who owns it may then choose to alter the Zombie's name and description at will. (For example, "DethBringr450" could now become "Mr. Bootsie".)

Name changes are perminent until another owner claims the Zombie, or its original owner decides on an even cuter name.

Since this may become a tad boring for the Zombie player (in some instances, I guess..?) there would be a tree of skills available only to a leashed Zombie. These skills include:

  • Beg - Zombie can stand on its hind legs and beg for treats. Survivors then get a button and may choose to toss the Zombie a treat if they feel like it.
    • Trick - Zombie has learned to do a trick which is even more impressive and may cause Survivors to give more treats, again, if they feel like it.
  • Roll on Back - A Zombie that rolls onto its back cannot be attacked by any player since it has shown itself to be weak and acknowledges the dominance of others.
  • Smell Other Zombie's Butt - Zombie can see the Character Info of another Zombie on their block by smelling it's hindquarters.
    • Smell Location - Zombie can smell its surroundings and tell how many Zombies have been by recently, and what they have done there.
    • Smell Stranger - Zombie can get a whiff of Survivors and see a tally of how many Zombies they have killed in the past. Those who have killed more than 10 are identified as "a bad man".
  • Lick Self - A Zombie with this skill can, at will, roll forward and lick its own crotch. Doing this in certain locations (such as Parks) gives a small XP bonus.
  • Kick Resistance - Having this skill reduces the damage a Zombie will recieve when kicked by its master to a mere 5 HP.
    • Passive Protection - Kicks do only 1 damage to the Zombie since it has given up and has learned to "go limp".
  • Barf - Zombie coughs up a wad of unidentifyable goo on the carpet. While this goo is in place, all Survivors in the room have reduced search odds due to being sick to their stomachs.

There will also FINALLY be a practical use for Newspapers. When this suggestion is enacted, Survivors will be able to roll up a Newspaper by clicking it in their inventory. They can then use it as a weapon to bop a leashed Zombie on the nose when it does something wrong. This reduces the Zombie's XP by 1 point per successful hit. Newspapers have an 80% chance of landing a blow.

New items (all found in Mall pet stores) included in this suggestion:

Collar - Find a "Wild" Zombie and place this on it.
Leash - You can attatch this to any Zombie's collar.
ID Tags - After you leash a Zombie, you may attatch an ID Tag to its collar. If you choose to let the Zombie off its leash, an ID Tag will ensure that all of the Leash rules apply no matter where it goes. Zombies with an ID Tag can be leashed and returned to their owner if they unwittingly wander away.
Pet Bowls - These contain food or water for your Zombie to enjoy.
Dog Food - Since there is no Zombie Chow in existance, this will have to do.
Squeaky Toy - When given to a Zombie, they may chew on it for a 35% chance of XP gain per chew. Chewing takes 1 AP and Squeaky Toys have a randomized usage limit of 1 to 10.
Cute Sweater - Zombies love when you make them wear these.
Treats - If you want to give Zombies a treat when they perform a trick or beg, you'll need this. 30 treats in a box.
Choke Chain - If you replace a Zombie's collar with a choke chain, you can call it back from someone you have told it to attack. This can also be used at any time to deal 2 HP damage to the leashed Zombie.

When in buildings with a window to jump out of, a Zombie's owner may choose to throw it out said window, at which point the Zombie dies and its leash comes loose.

Zombies could also possibly be tied up outside of buildings, and kept inside Junkyard fences (trained not to go through the fence's holes) to keep out unwanted visitors.

The Stuff I Really Like --SirensT RR 02:33, 4 May 2006 (BST)


Just to show that, yes, sometimes people admit I may be right about SOMEthing. (This isn't a dig, I appreciated the ability for these folks to say these things - and I still do appreciate it for whatever it's worth.)

You know, going through a whole bunch of stuff, I've come to the realisation that yeah, I've been pretty rough on you, for perhaps more a preconception rather than any real reality. I realise that I've been throwing an image on you that frankly wasn't deserved, and that I've been unfairly targetting you for behaviour modification when it's not really you that's pushing this. For these things, I offer my apologies, for what it's worth, and I promise that, should you bring further issues to my attention, I will endeavour to investigate more thoroughly, instead of fobbing you off.

I still believe that my previous ruling was correct, and that your Vandalism report was not vandalism, but I recognise that I perhaps made a rather stupid mistake in how I reacted to you about it. I am truly sorry that you have faced the brunt of all this, and I'm sorry if I've baited you. To be honest, I have no real reasons as to why I've been so brusque with you, My only possible reason may be that the first few times I dealt with a request from you, you seemed rather unreasonable (and that, looking back, it may have been justified).

So, again, I apologise for being a dick towards you, and I will make all possible attempts to rectify this in future dealings with you. -- Odd Starter talk | Mod | W! 01:43, 27 February 2006 (GMT)

Alright. In accordance with the arbitration decision, Amazing: I am sorry for insulting you. The moderator's job is to be impartial and not let their emotions interfere with their job, and I failed to do this. It will not happen again.--'STER-Talk-Mod 23:28, 14 March 2006 (GMT)

Favorite Quotes

  1. "What (insert wiki user) said." - Everyone on this wiki
  2. "Your actions here have shown you to be nothing more than a wretched, pathetic and vindictive excuse for a human being." - Grim s
    (Delicious irony, due to Grim's wretched, pathetic, vindictive nature.)
  3. "Yes you. Amazing. From North Carolina. I'm in my car right now. I'm gonna make you bleed." - Zaruthustra

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