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The plan: a staged zombie vs. human battlefield.

The groups: zombies, n00bs, high levelers.

The place: [50-22], The Fifield Motel (Directly next to the junkyard base, look left)


We raise the Junkyard to EHB, and remove all barricades from the motel next door. Everyone goes into the Motel, our training ground, and starts to kill each other. You can heal people as before, but try to make a good portion dead, around half of the Motel. Those who have NecroTech skills should be killed last, if at all, and all NecroTechs with Free Running will stay in the Junkyard and go in every day to random revive. New players will play as zombies or humans, it does not matter; everyone should have zombie AND human skills eventually, and it does not matter which you get first. So if you die, read the zombie plan, if you live, read the n00b plan. If you have revive skill and Free Running, read the NT plan.


Once dead, get the skills Lurching Gait, so you can move for one AP and Ankle Grab, so you can stand for only 1 AP. Then get Vigor Mortis, so your attacks actually do something, and finally invest in a skill like Tangling Grasp or Neck Lurch so your attacks are good. Death Grip and Tangling Grasp, with Rend Flesh for more damage, do the most overall damage, though Neck Lurch is good too if you just want to bite. Then you can save your XP till you get a few hundred for many human skills. It's good to have some zombie skills, because you will die in this game eventually and you will need them; better now then when you accidentally fall during the Big Bash. Do not get Brain Rot (don't ever get it, it really sucks) or Infected Bite (for the purposes of this XP orgy, that's just hurtful to everyone).

As a zombie, your attack strategy should be at first to kill people off. When the ratio of zombies to humans get around 50:50, try to attack all humans equally; take a bite out of one, then move onto the next, that way the healers can do more healing and get more XP. If the ratio is imbalanced and there are more zombies then humans, attack other zombies instead until the NecroTechs come and revive.

If at any point you want to stop playing zombie, get on IRC and ask for a revive or say Mrh? with your speech commands, unless you take Death Rattle.


There are two courses you can take in the human world. Pick based on your starting skill for the most part.


Get FAKs. I mean a metric fuckton of FAKs. Once this starts you will want FAKs coming out of your ears. For this you will want to go to the hospital 2N 2E of here, which should be VSB. Do not heal zombies, that gives you no XP; heal only humans. Since so many are healing, you will want to do a bit of damage; any damage is enough to use a FAK; even if they are at 48 and you only heal 2 HP, you get 5 XP.

Your skill order should be Diagnosis and Free Running first, Free Running so that you will still have access to the hospital, and other buildings even if they have been over-barricaded, and Diagnosis will help with finding people to heal. Note, that if you will be hanging out in the junkyard when you are not in the hospital searching for FAKs, chances are there won't be people to heal. Because of this, you may want to get Hand-to-Hand Combat before Diagnosis, as with a knife you will be able to hit 35% of the time, compared to 20% without, meaning that you will waste less XP trying to damage someone to heal. Also note that this is being written before the actual start of the XP Orgy, when it does begin, this page will be updated to better reflect skills needed during the actual XP Orgy.


You want a weapons skill, and of course Free Running. Like the healers, get Shopping and Bargin Hunting so you can search the Gun Store for weapons; bullets flow like milk and honey that way. Now you can work on upping that Weapons skill.

Start shooting zeds. Kill them, it's ok. At first, before we reach around the 50:50 ratio you should kill other people, but afterwards only kill zombies unless specifically instructed to do something else.

NecroTech Scientists

We are the masters of this plan; we will instruct the fighters to kill more humans to maintain the ratio, and revive zombies to do the same. Usually these are more advanced players, or those who have done research, and will be monitoring the situation from the Junkyard and from inside, possibly playing as fighters, healers or zombies. If they give instructions please listen to them; if you want a revive talk to them in the Meeting Hall. All NecroTechs should be in the Meeting Hall regularly.

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