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Mostly Harmless



The Player

To properly portray the person playing? Preposterous. He plans, prowls, and pontificates. Has a penchant for pestering pretties, proceeding to prattle passion; proffers pizazz and produces panache.

The PKer

A pajamaed protagonist pondering possibilities. Promoting plight, provoking panic, promising pandemonium... The peril is palpable. Piety? Pointless.

A Zombie in Pajamas. A wolf in sheep's clothing. An unapologetic player killer— menace to many, but assuredly harmless; mostly. First and foremost, a LUEser.

Baptized in barhah, our protagonist sharpened his claws during a climactic clash: Caiger's first sacking. Such a fortuitous first strike as a fledgling zombie was surely an omen of things to come. Once LUE began to prominently feature death cultists in its strikes, ZiP was among the first to ?rise to the occasion. As a LUE cultist, he would go on to participate in a number of great battles, including the First Ruining of Fort Creedy, The Second Big Bash, Bashing Back: The Battle of Pitneybank, Battle of Barhapolis, Creedystock, as well as helping LUE to ruin every single mall in Malton.

Upon LUE's retirement, our protagonist's time to lead was finally at hand; and lead was what exactly he did. Borrowing from the group that had taken him so far, Mostly Harmless became renowned for its precise and lightning quick, real-time-strikes. Whereas most PKer groups only rarely attacked as a full group, Mostly Harmless coordinated together every single night; even when restocking. Despite a strict adherence to efficiency, the group of 20 former LUEsers and new faces showed that not all business was necessarily serious.

The Predator

A peerless pioneer who puts puzzle pieces into place. His prey? Perverse punks, both pitiful and pathetic. People proclaim he possesses plenary powers of precognition? Please. That's pedestrian pedantry, pal.


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