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Character Name: Archerboy Profile link:

Contact details: AIM Archerboy06

Background: Returned to Malton after joining a Scouting group and like all young adults think they know everything. Found her self face to face with real live Zombies. Joined up with the GHDU then allied with the Black Berets. But she still wounders did she make the right chose by comming back. (Sure She Did she found her brother)

Need help:

Revive.gif Revivification Requests
Undead? Want to breathe again?
Make a Revivification Request!

My all time Fav. food:

McZeds.png McZeds™
This User or Group eats at McZeds™. They also support the Use of Corpses for High Quality Processed Fast Food.

Hey fire works on my B- day yay:

Extravaganza.jpg Extravaganza!
This group or person is dedicated to making the 3rd of July the most kick-ass night Malton has ever seen.
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