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Astram claims to be a survivalist hippie, even though there seems to be no such character class in Urban Dead.

He joined the survivors in Malton in December 2005.

His favourite weapon of choice is the flare gun.

You used to be able to find him in hiding out in Stanbury Village with his friends in the Malton Retirement Housing survivor group, but lately he's been spotted way down south in Buttonville near the border.

He spends an awful lot of time dazed, confuzzled, talking about something called the TTP and also about himself in the third person.

The easiest was to contact him would be through the MRH forum.

His Urban Dead ID is 290809

He also has a journal of sorts... This is mostly for people who have way too much time on their hands or are really really bored.

I found this little thingy on a friends user page and considered it funny. And do you know why it's funny?

Un-w.png Abandon hope all who enter the wiki
This user believes that editing the wiki is an error for newbies. Only old and "respected" users are allowed to make changes. If you are new to this give up now, you are unwelcome and unwanted no matter how accurate you think your contribution would be.
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