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Atan Varno
Joined: 2007-10-31 16:02:06
Character Details: Scientist, UD Profile
Occupation: Neurosurgery Intern, Hospital Librarian at
Edmund General Hospital of Grigg Heights
Favourite Equipment: FAK, and a book
Favourite Weapon: Cricket bat!
Current Status: Alive
Location: Grigg Heights
Current Level: Level 23
Deaths: more than 8
Group: Edmund General United
Journal: No journal as of yet
Currently reading: Four Essays on Liberty,
by Sir Isaiah Berlin
Last Edit: 20111118211540

Atan Varno

A young medical student from Hungary, Atan Varno arrived to Malton on a student exchange programme. Having a particular interest in neurosurgery, he chose Malton because of Necrotech's excellent brain research facilities. After undergoing a period of training in his chosen field, he was sent to the ER facility at the Edmund General Hospital in the suburb of Grigg Heights. He arrived shortly before the outbreak which led to the quarantine, and quickly seized the opportunity to get his hands on the rich collection of medical books in the hospital's library, as well as becoming a member of the Moodborn Library a few blocks away from the hospital. The outbreak was such a shock that he can't recall the earlier events. Only recently has he come to his senses and decided to assist the hospital's staff in their work.

Character Description

A small, dishevelled young man, he speaks with a slight accent. At his side is a messenger bag; inside the bag are several FAK's and a book. Faded letters on the cover reveal the book's title: <Whatever I am currently reading>.

Wearing: a cracked and blood-smeared pair of glasses, a blood-flecked dark blue tie, a pale blue long-sleeved shirt, a grey sweater, a torn and blood-soaked white doctor's coat, a pair of dark blue jeans and a scuffed and blood-soaked pair of black boots


Gabriel Holding of QSG

Sad Troll, a zombie of We are Trolls!

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