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Occupation: Bravo Squad Lieutenant, The Randoms; Former Officer, Swallow Lane PD

DOB: 3/19/84

Height: 5' 8"

Weight: 171 lbs.

Zombie kills: 264

Bounty collections: 49

William McGoggenhammer was originally from Boston, but relocated to Malton to be with his mother, brother and two sisters after his father had been found dead. Billy later learned that his father was investigating the Necrotech Corporation at the time. Since then, he decided to become a police officer to follow his father's footsteps and eventually make detective to discover why he was killed. Unfortunately, shortly after graduating from Police Academy, the city was overrun by zombies and he doesn't know what happened to his fellow officers from Swallow Lane PD.

Just before the quarantine, Billy was able to safely get his mother and sisters out of the city in time. His older brother Patrick wanted to fight for his city and refused to leave. Refusing to leave without him, he went in search of Patrick, only to discover him unconscious, missing his right arm and bleeding to death near their old home on Winstone Road. Billy picked him up and put him in his car, and sped towards the city limits only to discover they were both trapped. Patrick died shortly after.

Since then, he's managed to avoid conflict with the zombies for quite some time. He lived in his home, stricken with grief, pacing around, looking at framed photos of his family in happier times. He was just waiting for them to come and take him. And then he realized something: Where is Barbie Jessica? The last time he heard from his sweetheart, she was calling from Buckley Mall.

They never came for him. He decided that he could no longer wait around to die. He vows to become strong and find her and protect her and hopes that one day he can take her out of the city and reunite with his mother and sisters.

In his first week of trekking the ruins, he was able to kill two zombies, both of them alone and very weak, presumably from fighting other survivors.

After a month, he was able to pick up some useful skills and become a crack shot with his service pistol. Unfortunately, he was forced to abandon his suburb of Brooke Hills as it was overrun by massive zombie hordes.

After several months, Billy became a formidable, not to mention resourceful, warrior, easily making the trek through hostile lands to finally reach Buttonville and be reunited with his one true love.

Seemingly oblivious to everything around her, despite spending several trips hunting down vicious zombies together, Billy was deeply concerned about his love's emotional state. Then one day, without any explanation, she was gone. He searched Buttonville for days until reaching the point of exhaustion. He presumes she is dead, but still wonders what really happened and holds a small ray of hope that she's safe out there somewhere.

Despite the heartbreak and hardship, Billy presses on to help his fellow man (and woman), finally joining a group of like-minded individuals called The Randoms, to give this beaten down old 'burb a fighting chance of survival.

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