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Suggestion Hideout

This is a log of Suggestions I've put forth. They all go through Developing Suggestions first
(AS THEY SHOULD) and are usually totally awesome when they aren't totally crap.

Submitted Suggestions

Multiple Infection Strains

Approximate Date: March, 2009
Suggestion: Suggestion:20090321 Multiple Infection Strains
Discussion from DevSug: Suggestion talk:20090321 Multiple Infection Strains
A rather minor buff to infection - if infected, and bitten by a second unique zombie, you become heavily infected -
meaning you've a 30% chance to take 2 damage instead of one when taking infection damage.
Result: Peer Reviewed ; 28 Keep / 8 Kill / 1 Dupe

Scent Trail Alteration

Approximate Date: June, 2009
Suggestion: Suggestion:20090625_Scent_Trail_Alteration
Discussion from DevSug: Suggestion_talk:20090625_Scent_Trail_Alteration
A change to the Scent Trail skill to allow zombies to track fleeing targets.
Only the most recent interaction that triggers scent trail is followed.
Result: Peer Reviewed ; 20 Keep

Suggested... Suggestions

URL Action Alteration

Approximate Date: July, 2009
Archive: User:BobBoberton/Suggestions/URL Action Alteration
A change to make the ?dump and ?rise ?actions be handled in the same fashion
as ?barricade, so that they cannot be used unfairly by either side.
Result: Shot Down ; People like their cheap tactics.


Approximate Date: October, 2009
Archive: User:BobBoberton/Suggestions/MultiDump
A change to allow for multiple dumps in one click. Still makes dumping cost an AP per body, but allows for just one click.
Result: Withdrawn ; People weren't fond of the idea of allowing negative AP through dumping.

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