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This page is where I work on drafts of policy proposals. Please don't edit anything here. Thanks.

Gladiator Page

Since some users seem unable to adhere to any sort of civility, I propose creating a Gladiator Page (located at either Gladiator Page or The Playground, depending on how much of a sense of humor the community has). This page would serve the following purpose:

Any set of users could take their fighting to the Gladiator Page. There, they could attack each other as viciously as they liked with impunity from both arbitration cases and vandal banning. Multiple fights could be separated with section headers.

The page would have the following guidelines:

  • All parties must explicitly agree on the page's talk page by placing their signed timestamp under the appropriate header. Anyone who has not agreed, or who has backed out at some point, can not be attacked on the page.
  • The page will be blanked once per day by anyone who is not currently fighting on the page. Being a moderator is not necessary for this, but anyone fighting on the page can not blank the page.
  • All activity on the page is exempt from arbitration cases and vandal banning. The exceptions being:
    • Anything illegal, pornographic, or that would reveal sensitive or personal information (including images).
    • Anything that would violate the TOS of the wiki or web host.
    • Anything that would constitute moderator misconduct.
    • Anything deemed too extreme, should circumstances require. (Just in case.)
  • Violation of the above would constitute vandalism.

This page could have two effects. One would be encouraging more drama elsewhere on the wiki. Hopefully, that would not be the case. The other, intended effect would be to create a place where the drama-lovers of the wiki could fight with each other as much as they liked, hopefully resulting in less drama elsewhere.

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