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General Info

Malton is a long way from home.

Bri's family was understandably pleased when she finished top of her class in Law Enforcement; pleased enough to surprise her with a trip to visit relatives in Europe. Fate, perhaps, that it turned out to be a one-way trip.

BriAnna was born in Texas, the daughter of Brandon "Bear" Blackmoor, a career police officer. After her mother's death when she was 12, Bri and her younger sisters were raised by their father's family, on a secluded pine tree farm in Oregon. Home-schooling went hand in hand with hunting, fishing, and self-sufficiency. BriAnna was admitted to the local Academy at seventeen, and finished the four-year course in three.

Things began to go wrong on the graduation trip fairly quickly, her German cousins delighting in teasing the younger, more sheltered girl as they showed her the sights. Of particular interest was the barricaded city of Malton, which they assured her was impossible to enter. One gibe too many, and she had assured them that she could, indeed, get over the barricades.

Getting in was easy.

Bri tries to make the best of life in her little corner of Malton, having served loyally in the MPD for three years and using her spare time to make things better for her family and friends. Several dovecotes around the northwest and a rabbit hutch in Richmond Hills provide fresh meat and eggs; other roofs are outfitted with free-catch tanks to provide water for the occasional shower. The guardianship of a baby girl abandoned at The 'Hole, Alma Marie Grifflik, - a task she gratefully shares with her best friend and fella Griff - has made her reassess her priorities and is a contributing factor to her retirement from the DEM. Between the special projects, the growing bonds of friendship and family, and the satisfaction of working with the Richmond Hills Regulars ... well ... Maybe Malton isn't so far from home, after all. If home is where your heart is, anyway ... On Christmas Day, 2009, Bri had the honor of becoming Mrs. Stefin Grifflik. Home.


Alma Marie



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Graduated FMB Campus Oct. 23, 2006

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          Promotion to Sergeant, Eastonwood Nov. 15, 2006
          Promotion to Inspector, Eastonwood Nov. 28, 2006
          Promotion to Chief Inspector, NW-1 March 8, 2007
          Promotion to Superintendent, NW-1 Sept. 13, 2007
          Promotion to Deputy Commissioner, Nov. 8, 2008
          Promotion to DEM Chairperson, Jan. 16, 2009
          Retired from MPD Oct. 9, 2009

~ special thanks to Jarlian for graphics and assistance above and beyond! Thanks Jarl!~


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My pal George. George is not for eatin'.

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