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  • After an age of wandering around Darvall Heights I've joined TechCom after being revieved by the delectable LadyAG.
    • You are too kind Buster! I'm sending you a memo regarding your 3 martini lunches! You may be a fantastic recruiter, but drinking on the job violates TechCom policy! ;) --LadyAG 18:07, 22 May 2006 (BST)
  • Anyone heard from Jackboot Pete? Last time I saw him he said something about heading into Darvall Hights.....

Buster Poindexter, VP of Recruiting for TechCom, Inc.

TechCom.jpg TechCom Employee
This User is employeed by TechCom and actively works to profitably stabilize Malton's economy!
TechCom is hiring, please join us!


  1. JustinMullins (UD Profile) - Chief Executive Officer for TechCom
  2. LadyAG (UD Profile) - Chief Research and Development Project Manager
  3. Buddy7 (UD Profile) - VP of Projects
  4. kating (UD Profile) - VP of Security
  5. Buster Poindexter (UD Profile) - VP of Recruiting
  6. AbrahamLincolnClone (UD Profile) - VP of Communication (i.e. Tagging)
  7. R Cameron Corbett (UD Profile) - VP of Missions
  8. Dale Larson (UD Profile) - VP of Marketing
  9. Zeroi (UD Profile) , VP of Secure Communications for TechCom, Inc.

Click on a "UD Profile" to add that employee to your Contact List. Remember, every TechCom employee should find a cell phone at a Club!

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