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I don't care about that, either.

But feel free to do it. I'll just keep on humming. Keep on slumming, just strumming the guitar, I keep the music coming.

And I don't care about that, either.

Notes for my failing memory:

Mr Jack Yocum, known to his friends as "Biff", controls the following characters, and presumably many more (Including the members of the now-defunct "Grave Diggers"):

   Agent Scout,SuspectedZergs,Vagabond zergs
   Alamo Cody,SuspectedZergs,Vagabond zergs
   Assistant Sloss,SuspectedZergs,Vagabond zergs
   Captain Antilles,SuspectedZergs,Vagabond zergs
   Captain Dino,SuspectedZergs,Vagabond zergs
   Concord Dawn,SuspectedZergs,Vagabond zergs
   Corporal Kirchner,SuspectedZergs,Vagabond zergs
   Doctor Celmare,SuspectedZergs,Vagabond zergs
   Doctor Healzor,SuspectedZergs,Vagabond zergs
   Doctor Tyme Lorde,SuspectedZergs,Vagabond zergs
   Dr Arthur Heller,SuspectedZergs,Vagabond zergs
   Edward Dalton,SuspectedZergs, Vagabond zergs
   Elijah Dredd,SuspectedZergs,Vagabond zergs
   Emergency Broadcast,SuspectedZergs,Vagabond zergs
   Fight Man,SuspectedZergs,Vagabond zergs
   Happy Branagan,SuspectedZergs,Vagabond zergs
   Hotshot McGee,SuspectedZergs,Vagabond zergs
   Hunter of America,SuspectedZergs,Vagabond zergs
   Jack Alamo,SuspectedZergs,Vagabond zergs
   Kid in the Hall,SuspectedZergs,Vagabond zergs
   Lore Malakai,SuspectedZergs,Vagabond zergs
   Major Solo,SuspectedZergs,Vagabond zergs
   Mr Toasties,SuspectedZergs,Vagabond zergs
   Neck Tech,SuspectedZergs,Vagabond zergs
   Officer Croyden,SuspectedZergs,Vagabond zergs
   Racket Jockey,SuspectedZergs,Vagabond zergs
   Regis Pennyworth,SuspectedZergs,Vagabond zergs
   Rez Ded Lab,SuspectedZergs,Vagabond zergs
   Rotter One,SuspectedZergs,Vagabond zergs
   Rubicon the Scat Man,SuspectedZergs,Vagabond zergs
   Sgt Stiglitz,SuspectedZergs,Vagabond zergs
   Son of Flying Pig,SuspectedZergs,Vagabond zergs
   Super Allstar Hero,SuspectedZergs,Vagabond zergs
   The Horizon Man,SuspectedZergs,Vagabond zergs
   Tonka Travers,SuspectedZergs,Vagabond zergs
   Vampire Zom,SuspectedZergs,Vagabond zergs
   Zom Noob,SuspectedZergs,Vagabond zergs

Amongst his notable achievements have been his wiki vandalism, hiring legal counsel to sue the sysops, and being terrible at Urban Dead. He continues to claim innocence of zerging, and goes to great lengths to clear his name of any sort of accusation against him, even Radio spamming, PKing, GKing, RKing, Over-Barricading, and griefing survivors (all of which he engages in with his zerg army).

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