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Dhpd.jpg DHPD
This user is a DHPD officer.
Starting Occupation: Military
Group Membership: Dunell Hills Police Department
Goals: Taking and holding the DMZ and upholding law. Delta Squad Leader
Username: Codeist
More details: Urban Dead profile

History Before the Outbreak

He was in the Royal Air Force before the outbreak. He was traveling through Malton to his next posting when the outbreak happened and the quarentine was placed in effect.


He stumbled across the DHPD in Zombie form and tried to attack them. Instead of killing him right there and then, they took pity on the zombie and stuck him. When he eventually woke up, he apologised for trying to attack them and offered his services to the department as payment for his revive.

He joined Omega Squad on May 21, 2008.

He was promoted to Delta Squad on Jun 2, 2008

He was Promoted to Second in Command Delta Squad on Oct 26, 2008

He was Promoted to Delta Squad Leader on Dec 29, 2008

Assumed command of the Legal Department on Feb 1, 2010

Operations taken part in

Operation: Weedkiller - Completed

Operation: Stepping Stones - Failed

Operation: Habitat For Humanity - Aborted

Operation: Fragger's Mad Mad Circus II - Completed

Operation: Traveling Circus - Completed

Operation: Back to School - Completed

Operation: Field of Dreams - Completed

Operation: Rise from the Ashes - Completed

Operation: Ho, Ho, Headshot - Completed

Operation: Dunell Hills or Die - IN PROGRESS

Departmental Links

Dhpd.jpg Dunell Hills Police Department Dhpd.jpg

DHPD Main Page

DHPD Departments: Comissioner's Office | Internal Affairs | HR and Recruitment | Field Operations | Research Sciences | Internal Communications | Public Relations | Resource and Supply | Interdepartmental Relations | Medical Services | Chaplain Services

DHPD Precincts: Broadbelt Grove | Bunter Street | Burrell Way | Cottam Way | Cotty Street | Kenefie Lane | Ruggevale Walk | Rodwell Row | Swinnerton Square | Uppill | Yea Drive

DHPD Squads: Alpha Squad | Bravo Squad | Charlie Squad | Delta Squad | Dixie Squad | Ghost Squad | Omega Squad

DHPD Allies: Special Tactics And Rescue Squad | U.S. ARMY INFANTRY | The Crimson Clan | The Veterans | Umbrella Corporation | CMS-Meta | Malton Rangers | Zombie Squad

Other: Radio Free DHPD | DHPD Forum | Department Archives | DHPD Policies and Procedures | DHPD Most Wanted | Rogues Gallery | DHPD Testimonials

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