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Starting Occupation: Reporter/Scientist
Group Membership: None
Goals: Revival, healing & status reports
Username: Crystal Roselle
More details: Urban Dead profile


29 May 2013 - I'm done updating for the day I think. Status updating lags like hell and I don't have much time to spare. Not sure if anyone even uses the wiki to check for building status? Ah well... Someone just killed me in the game so I'm waiting for revival now and when will BB4's location be released? I'm making my zombie alt move up and down the south part of the map cause she has nothing to do really.

25 May 2013 - What insolence is this, imgonnadiesoon? I demand retribution and painful death using truckloads of newspaper!*

So Bosch was talking about missing 404, could we possibly bring back 404 for the BB4 party? ;) IM was talking about bring back C4NT and Duke D'œuvre talks about possibly a reunion tour? Ah it feels like the olden days, this game has lost a lot of great groups. I feel like everyone is taking the game a little too seriously these days, the only place I find people still having fun is QSG. This is a game, why can't we have fun the way it is meant to be.

Now more people need to join BB4. Go get a new zombie alt or a zombie you already have, change your group to Big Bash 4 and wait at South Malton. My zombie alt is at Tapton, unfortunately she still needs lot of work but I'm saving up her xp to buy zombie skills when she gets killed off. I won't be able to join much for the first 5 days, I've my professional exams coming up but hopefully I'll get to log on for a few minutes to join the party.

*I'm not being serious at all, don't take this to heart.

24 May 2013 - So it appears that BB4 is coming up. I thought the zombie attacking pattern was strange plus all those graffiti (#BeReady, #Change, #Something Big) sounded a lot like a Bash was coming up. Guess it's time to dig out my zombie alt and join the party. Indisputably, BB4 antagonizes my survivor alts but Malton was getting boring. I've to say though, I'm deeply disappointed that we are still without a Mall Tour yet. I thought that since multiple malls are being attacked at the moment by large groups of feral zeds means that we'll be having a mall tour but nope. Is it not time yet?

Do anyone know what happened to the Dead? I thought I saw someone posting on SA about gathering people to have another March during end of last year but they've been pretty quiet lately.

23 May 2013 - Is there a zombie mall tour going on that I didn't know of? At least three malls is being attacked at the moment in the Eastern suburbs by large swarm of zombies (well large by these days' standard considering the dwindling population). Vinetown at the moment is mostly safe, despite there being an active territorial zombie horde. While RRF seems to be going from suburb to suburb annihilating RBs, feral zombies seems to only congregate at malls. I did see MOB and the Dead two weeks ago but I've lost sight of them now. I would definitely not oppose to higher level of zeds, but despite seemingly increasing amount of zeds seen, it seems like their population percentage is dwindling again. On the topic of malls, there is a really odd pattern of zombies occurring at a certain mall. They would attack and kill simultaneously and then just stand there stupidly for long stretch of hours, meaning any remaining survivors could be alive for hours after that. It's similar to a coordinated attack but most of them are feral zombies which means they won't be coordinating and they strangely only attack at a certain time of the day. A certain level of zerging, perhaps?

21 May 2013 - I had the great honor of meeting Lord Moloch of RRF today who was just chilling at Roftwood. I would stop to interview or offer a syringe to bring him back to the detestable breathing condition called life but I was running out of AP to use syringes and I really didn't want my guts to splatter over my clean new shoes that I just got yesterday. What a wasted opportunity. Maybe another time or day...

So it appears that Philosophe Knights are currently having a poetry festival at Vinetown. Very tastefully done I've to say and a break from the monotony we're having at Malton. Unfortunately I only managed to visit a few, what with the low ap I've left with and the high amount of zeds running around but any poetry festival featuring TS Eliot's work is always a must see. Not sure is it that I didn't visit enough but it appears that it's only referencing the Hollow Men or were there other poems featured? Maybe we could also have some live poetry readings or discussions in a neutral ground, it would add more to the festival element. Quartly would have been a good neutral ground but it's a little too far away from Vinetown. Still, kudos for the interesting idea and execution.

19 May 2013 - Guys, what's with the excessive amount of barricading and pinata lately? It makes my reporting scouting difficult and I can't imagine how new players is going to be able to get to anywhere safe with even the green suburbs overbarricading. Almost everywhere is at least HB. STOP IT. We're already losing lots of players, making new players disinterested is not the way to go. Barricade HB and higher only if your suburb is at least yellow.

16 May 2013 - Wow I was looking through the wiki and I stumbled upon so many of the great old groups. I really miss them all so much, especially C4NT and McZeds. The great humor and fun they personified has been really lacking in the game lately. I saw there is a 'new' McZeds but apparently it's pretty much dead since 2010. Is the Kilt Store still around? Or YRC? Or Red Rum? This game need fresh blood (or a Kevan update!)

8 May 2013 - I'm hanging around Molebank for anyone who needs revivification. Putting this up will probably get me killed but whatever. The party's here.

4 May 2013 - I'm still watching the DEM revivification request system so if you need a revive do put up a request. Unfortunately I can only fulfill some of the request and it might sometimes take up to 2-3 days due to the distance I had to travel plus ensuring enough AP that I don't die after reviving cause everyone is overbarricading for no reason. If you want a quicker revive (not necessary by me + if you're not a survivor dedicated to only a certain suburb) do head towards the greener suburbs where revives are aplenty (but please only leave a request once you decided on a RP).

Broadcasting in a mall? Still there after an hour? Boasting after one kill? This almost makes me miss Red Rum/Lord Curton's/Philosophe Knights who at least have some class while pking. This is just.... awkward.

I'm so bored I feel like turning my alt into a Pker. It seems like most old groups have retired and I'm not sure I'm suitable for the rigidity of survivor groups (Is DEM still functioning? I rarely see them now. I liked 404: Barhah not Found but I think they're retired. Someone should let me know what group is still functioning). I'm just bored.

3 May 2013 - Giddings Mall has been recaptured but there are a lot of zeds, mostly rotters lurking around, so the situation is very shaky now. There are still about 3 to 7 zeds in each section of Fort Creedy and about half of the buildings around it are ruined. RRF is now attacking outwards from Pitneybank towards neighboring Richmond Hills-Havercroft area.

2 May 2013 - It would be nice if players stop moving around when they've put up a revivification request on DEM. I traveled all the way down to West Becktown only to see they've moved to another RP. Just. Why.

29 April 2013 - The MOB is now attacking Lockettside-Dartside area so any newbies would be advised to not stay around that area but honestly, without the Dead and their PK group around, it's been pretty peaceful lately. It's hard to die when survivors outnumber zombies 2 to 1.


7 July 2011 - Members of GC have been parachuting into RB around Santlerville so it most probably means they are migrating towards Santlerville-Heytown now. Certain survivors who have been napping around the green zone area need to find a shelter asap. I know that some vet survivors have been overbarricading in safe zones and it's hard to find a safehouse but do stay nearby a below HB building if you're new. I've seen 4-5 survivors in 9 blocks napping peacefully outside. Uhm no. And get Free Running for the first skill you can buy. There's no point powering up everything else when you can't even nap without getting killed in a few hours. East Boundwood survivors should also watch out, zombies are definitely gathering nearby. Certain green suburb should also stop being overconfident (not mentioning which one in case zombies are watching) because zombies are attacking a few RBs already.

23 June 2011 - I love how zombie players are whining about how they can't break the game because Kevan is !!UNFAIR!! and is punishing the already disadvantaged zombies. UHM WHUT? Excuse you, zombies can't be killed and the dead are a bunch of trolls that are trying to kill all the furries and trenchers in the game (Personally I find it funny that I never seen any of those extreme furries that they cite as examples, although I would like to add creepy lesbian rping into their list, I've been seeing that A LOT lately. Thanks a lot Cryptkeepers and a bunch of other people. Keep your rapey PDA to your own forums thanks.) and if you do the CRAP tactic, they'll just rise as Globetrotter and murder you as a pker. Ah glorious, please keep whining. Your pattern of horde movement is getting a little predictable. Certain survivors can be irritating, I admit, and I do like it when zombies are active because it's more challenging, but whining about how you are disadvantaged (REALLY? lol don't get me into the mood about ranting that you barely need 3-4 skills to be efficient as a zombie but at least 8-10 to be an effective survivor and that's not even including DAYS spent searching for ammo and syringes) and how Kevan is bullying you with higher search rates just shows that you're at the same level as those furries and trenchers you are so lovingly killing.

Oh, and to the Dead members who are so desperately looking for the solo xmas tree, I know where it is. Enjoy scrambling around looking for it :)

18 June 2011 - 8(?) hours after logging into my roomie's alt, I'm still struggling between horrified and finding it hilarious, all thanks to the z at Club Brookeman who greeted her alt with a banana gangbang performance. If only more Zs are hilarious like this, Malton would be a more fun city to play in, lol.

Zombie spies have been parachuting into resource buildings as well as staying silently in the mall in Shearbank. The zombie hordes are also making their way up in East Becktown too so if you're a new player, do move to other suburbs. I find it funny (and I'm sure the z hordes don't) that survivors are rebuilding whatever the zombies destroyed the day before when the Zs leave the suburbs. Our % is increasing too. Perhaps the River Tactics is working?

4 June 2011 - The stupidity of this suggestion knows no bounds. I seriously wonder about the people who wants the total zombie apocalypse, do they actually knows what will happen? No survivors, total zombie wasteland, all buildings ruined. What are you going to fight against? What enjoyment can you derived from that? There will be no groups, just hordes of zombies wandering aimlessly and possibly eating each other out. Permadeath. No one new will want to play this game because what the heck are you going to play? New characters can't even revive because the NT buildings will be ruined, you can't repair it without toolbox but you can't get toolbox with malls and factories ruined, you've to stay alive long enough to get syringes, toolbox, construction and Lab Experience skills to even bother to do revival. Look at how lively the other two permadeath cities are. Yippee! *facepalm* I'm highly tempted to quit this game lately, certain people's stupidity/seriousness is making this whole game a drag.

31 May 2011 - If the zombies' mission is to frustrate the hell out of me, they're succeeding. Glusonside, Roftwood, Penny Heights and Woodroffe Mall that I've help in rebuilding just recently is already being ruined. SIGH. Just restocked on syringes, have about 10-15 syringes now. Am in are at a few red zones so do put a revival request on DEM's Revivification Request Manager page and I'll be going over to do revivals. Will not be doing random revivals or extracting much because of Scent Death prevalence. Might skip your character even if you're terribly useful as revivers if you don't bother to put a request. Just saying.

Going off to tag along a friend of mine who has come back to play UD after leaving this game for 2 years \O/

29 May 2011 - Been traveling around Edgecombe and SE suburbs reviving as well as in certain other suburbs that I shall not mention due to possible info leakage :) Been killed more often in the past month than in 3 years of playing, but that might just be because of my practice of almost suicide-revive.

On a serious note to certain players, PLEASE get Free Running and stop pulling down the freaking cades to VSB. We can't afford UBP these days with the massive zombie-survivor imbalance. I know it's annoying to be unable to return to your safehouse or trying to get into a TRP, heck, I've an alt without Free Running yet because he's new and it's a pain in the ass trying to rest for the day but it's not a solution to break down the cades and making it more inviting for the zombie to feast on fresh brains. Be considerate to other survivors as well :|

28 May 2011 - I'm glad that you agree, Officer R Hammond. UD needs better zerging protection, there's way too many zergers in The Dead that it's not funny anymore to watch suburbs you help rebuild destroyed in 1-2 days later :| Maybe if Kevan stop debasing this game in the zombies favor, then this game can be enjoyable again. Scout Safehouse has to be one of the most useless skill ever with the high AP needed to use it. You need to spend at least 6 days in the same building to get back the same amount you spent in the first place. What's the point of that skill? At least Bellow is useful in drawing zombies from literally everywhere. And it only takes 10 freaking AP! Great job Kevan, on giving the survivors a useless skill that takes 60% AP and requires at least 7 consecutive days to be useful and a horribly useful skill to the zombies that takes 20% AP that can slaughter everyone in the building and its vicinity =/

Anyways, I've been debating whether I should join an active survivor group, been kind of shopping around for one but most seems to want active and chatting participation that I can't afford the time for. I pretty much drop dead when I come home from the hospital every night that I only have about an hour to plan my way on UD, can't afford the luxury of chatting on IRC. MCM, DEM and The Fortress are some of those on my list although I prefer groups that concentrates on revival/healing for now.

24 May 2011 - I'm so sick of The Dead members who are zerging. Anyone with half a brain can see some of the low level zombies accompanying the higher levels are zergs. I'm not sure should I be amused or share the same sentiment as the dude who recently made liked a thousand zerg characters with 'Unlimited Zerg Works' as his group. I'm half tempted to make a new tactic where we fill the tactical resource points with 100 level one characters in them and watch the Dead try to clear them out but I digress. Kevan seriously need to stop the annoying zerging attempt by the Dead. I'm not amused how fast he deleted the Unlimited Zerg Works characters but not the obvious zergs from certain The Dead members :/

Oh and hi to you too, Susan Bakersfield. I don't know if I should feel weird that you're a member of The Dead saying hi to me in the game and also at the same time the person who last edited HIC or be amused that you didn't try and off me in the game despite being on opposite sides (even though the Dead members arrives an hour later. Coincidence? Maybe.). Hmmm.. I guess I'll try and think of the positive side that not all The Dead members are srs bz like RRF. Owell... I'm alive again anyway \o/

22 May 2011 - Up to 25% now with 1.7k revivifying bodies, does this mean the March of the Dead 2 has come to a stop or are they just playing with us? I wonder...

Anyway, the zombie hordes are marching towards the east at the top (around Lamport Hills) and middle (around Roftwood) of the map. If you're a survivor, DO NOT STAY in the NT buildings unless you've someone to revive you because the zombies attack the NT buildings first. Grab as many syringes as you can (easily 15-20 syringes using 20-25ap if you've enough space) from the NT buildings but DON'T STAY THERE. If you're in red/orange suburbs, best to hide in less conspicuous buildings or you can try hiding in ruined buildings because any buildings next to the NT buildings will be incinerated with it.

A note : Lately, there's a lot of dead pkers staying in ruined resource buildings. I don't know if it's a good idea to revive them just to rebuild but I guess it's more important to reserve your ap to rebuild and hide than wasting your ap trying to kill them.

It's great to play as a survivor now though, good points are amazing search rates, crazy zombie hordes trying to murder you every day (and usually succeeding every alternate day but I'm usually up on my feet a few hours later thanks to the amazingly dedicated survivor groups C:) and thrill(?) of not knowing whether you'll wake up alive or dead. Bad points are the pkers clogging up the revive points and resource buildings which makes reviving and rebuilding difficult :C, spending most of your ap running and hiding more than doing anything else and seeing buildings you rebuild incinerated the next day.

EDIT: The Dead has arrived at Huntley Heights, going up north in the suburb. Parry Drive Fire Station has already been taken.

17 May 2011 - We're up to 19% now, for the first time ever in a long time, our percentage is going up instead of the steady decline with another 1.6k revivifying bodies :)!

My main barely escaped from being killed as the zombie siege moves up north at the west suburbs. Two of my alts has been murdered and is waiting at the nearest revive point. Hopefully they'll be revived soon :)

14 May 2011 - Down to 15% now. Is there an 'eradicate all harmanz' siege out there that I'm unaware of? Thankfully there are still people fighting for survivors cause not all suburbs are red despite our low count. Good news is that all my top level alts and main are alive, will be helping in revival as well once AP is up. Bad news is that the suburbs we reclaimed aren't really ideal places for resources, not a good idea if we want to keep reviving and helping the survivors' side to grow.

12 May 2011 - We're down to 17%. Wonder how long can we keep this up. I keep seeing the same people - even pkers and revivers (pretty sure one of the revivers revived my same character two days in a row.) and even revive the same people for the past week. I pretty much skip everyone who is level 1-2, sorry but you don't have any useful skills to help against the zombie siege, you can't even build barricades or free run or help in reviving. Bringing you back to life will just get you killed few hours later since all the safe places are at EHB/HB at least. 4 characters alive right now and hopefully will be able to help. It's disheartening to see that we're down to 1 survivor per 4 zombie. Doesn't really take much to eradicate survivors at this rate.

8 May 2011 - I was a little confused at first at the comment that I'm depressed but thanks for the encouragement, pfc sejda. I'm assuming you read my entry here to form that conclusion? It's a little better now, 2 more of my characters are alive, one of them is helping to reclaim a suburb, another is off to revive zombies in more dangerous suburbs, hopefully he won't get killed so soon. Stocking up on syringes now. My main is alive again and helping in revival :) (not telling where since the last time I did that, I got killed in 8 hours.)

5 May 2011 - This is just sad. I've come to the point where I'm expecting being alive for less than 10 hours before I'm killed on UD. Anyone who is complaining about how it sucks to be a zombie should stfu. I can kill a survivor with 20-30AP. Have you play a survivor character lately? They are obliterated in seconds. All my characters are dead except one (and I don't expect him to survive for long since his suburb is zombie infested) and now one of them can't even get to lvl 43 because she can't stay alive long enough to buy the last survivor skill. It looks like Malton is reaching the end days now (26% survivor? How did that happened!?). I just want to play being a survivor. It's so much more fun than wandering around aimlessly searching for food... I spend most of my time Mrrhhing than biting anyone because I'm hoping one of them will revive me. No such luck so far.

And I'm finally DONE with HIC \O/ Took me 5 days in between rl, being mad that I died on UD again and studying for my exams (which is also over so I'm outta here!). I checked through the hospital status map for any suburbs I might have missed but I'm too sleepy to confirm if I've inserted ALL of the suburbs with hospitals in them. Do edit them in yourself or let me know on my talkpage if you noticed anything missing :)

3 May 2011 - Finished the second page and starting the third one on Hospital Information Center. Best news however, I'm alive again! After being dead and rotting and wandering aimlessly around Malton, I'm finally breathing again at Stanbury Village. Maybe now I can finally get the ice cream I wanted to eat for weeks instead of the bad taste of rotten flesh!

2 May 2011 - Up to N-letter suburbs on Hospital Information Center page. Also updating on a few outdated resource buildings statuses. Most of the suburbs I'm passing now is all dead and ruined...

1 May 2011 - Working on the Hospital Information Center page. So far I'm only up to K-letter suburbs. Also working on updating various outdated resource buildings statuses. Being a zombie has its peaks I guess.

Survivor tactics

My advice to anyone playing now is don't bother protecting the NT building if there are more than 10 zombies in it. There's no way we can fight the zombies considering the low survivors number now (ah I still remember the glorious days when there's 60+ people in every resource building C:). Go and grab as many syringes as you can before the building falls and run to another safe place, there's no point protecting the building and get killed when your ap is gone. Lately, I noticed it's been easy to get fak and syringes. I can easily get 10-20 syringes a day. So grab as many syringes as you can with ap to spare to run and you'll be helping the potential survivors more than getting killed when the building falls.

Skills a survivor need now (arranged according to priority)

1) Free Running - almost all the resource buildings and even surrounding normal buildings in survivors suburbs are HB and above. Get this if you don't want to get killed.

2) Construction - A needed skill if you want to help defending resource buildings. We need as many cades builders these days!

3) First Aid/Diagnosis - Considering the current insanity of getting killed almost every alternate day, it's best to get this skill to quickly heal yourself up and other survivors. You'll have plenty of survivors to heal so the xp gaining won't be a problem so get this skill and lots of fak.

4) NecroTech Employment/Lab Experience - Desperately needed if you want to help build up our low survivor number now.

If you're going for the 'kill zombies' route, get the Basic Firearms Training or Hand-to-Hand Combat skills and the level-ups but it's not really a feasible path now since there's usually at least 15-20 zombies attacking resource buildings. Still, it's a needed skill if there's only 2-3 zombies that breached and entered the building. Don't bother with Shopping, Bargain Hunting, Tagging and Radio Operation skills unless you've too many xp to spare. All the malls are down so where are you going with your shopping expertise?

Things that a survivor must have:

1) At least 2-3 fak for yourself and use the rest on other survivors. It's extremely crucial that you keep at least 2-3 faks because a lot of zombies these days have infectious bite and you'll just end up dead again if you're infected.

2) 4-5 syringes at least. Easily found in NT buildings. The search rate has shot through the roof after the survivor percentage plummeted. You can find a syringe in almost every ap spent.

3) A toolbox. Buy the construction skill and get this to help rebuilding. A survivor that can't help in construction is a survivor wasted.

4) A fire axe. Considering how quickly PDs are usually incinerated, it's better to keep a fire axe which needs no reloading.

5) Fuel can and portable generator : Easily found in factories, keep one of these for resource buildings but not really required since search rate has shot up to insane %.

6) Pistols and Shotguns : Less space for syringes/faks if you have these but IF you're a rebuilder, keeping two/three of these would be handy for killing those stubborn rotters that stays in buildings. Not really advisable for dedicated revivers who will be better off keeping the space for syringes and faks.

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