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D M Penfold - (Survivor (mostly))

Member of Tikhon Medical - sticking it to Zombies since 2006.

Motto : Si vis caseus para bellum

D M loves Cheesy Poofs

Spends most of his time nowadays at Tikhon East, after Tikhon West became boring. He does occasionally travel to Tikhon North, espcoally if picnics are on.

Alt : Ed Drool - Professional Zombie

Ed's currently feral and wandering aimlessly unattached to any groups. He formerly hung out with People Before Pulses in New Arkham

A former member of the Malton City Circus and Molly Co. Poofs and Burgers, but spent most of the intervening time feral.

Alt : Silas Greenback

The youngest Alt. Originally a PBP member he hung around Grigg Heights and St Wolfgang's Hospital when Wolfgang Puck and RGang were in residence, but since then has been on a walkabout, including meeting the few remaining PBP members around the Arkhams.

Tikhon Medical

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Union Flag.png British
This user is British.

Octopope-Coloured.jpg Friend of the Octopope
Worship the Octopope and his mighty tentacles will guard you from evil.

RiverlogoS.gif Supporter of River Tactics
I flow into the void.
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Dual Nature Policy.

SWAVet.JPG South West Alliance Veteran
D M Penfold is an SWA operations veteran. It participated in 10,000 combined efforts.

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This user or group participated in Operation: Vitamin C.

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This user or group supports MHG in their attempt to restore health care in Malton.