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<!--Do not edit above this line! Please use a NPOV when updating the report.-->
<!--Do not edit above this line! Please use a NPOV when updating the report.-->

|status=under attack
|status=in zombie hands
|comment=Lit and 'caded.
|comment=Ahm nahm nahm, zah harmanz arh nammah!
|user=[[User:Terrion|Terrion]] 13:19, 20 July 2011 (BST)
|user=[[Special:Random|<span style="color: #FF0000; font-size: 80%">&hearts;</span>]] [[User:MoonShine|<span style="color:Black">'''Moonie'''</span>]] <small><sup>[[User talk:MoonShine|Talk]] [[User:MoonShine/Testimonials|Testimonials]]</sup></small> 11:32, 21 July 2011 (BST)
<!--Do not edit below this line!-->
<!--Do not edit below this line!-->

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Mall-in zombie hands-small.jpg

The Blackmore Building
Ahm nahm nahm, zah harmanz arh nammah!
Moonie Talk Testimonials 11:32, 21 July 2011 (BST)

How to Update

How to update a Building Danger Report
  1. Check out the building.
  2. Change the status line to one of the available status codes.
    status=STATUS CODE
  3. Add more information about the building in the comment line.
    comment=YOUR COMMENTS
  4. Sign your edit by changing the user line. Just replace it with four tildes.

Necrotech Danger Levels

These are the available status codes for use in the status line. Use lowercase and do not use underscores.

Building Danger Levels
Mall-safe-small.jpg safe Intact and barricaded. No noticeable zombie or PKer presence.
Mall-under attack-small.jpg under attack Persistent attacks from zombies or PKers, but the building is in no immediate danger.
Mall-under siege-small.jpg under siege Survivor defenders are under siege from coordinated and/or large-scale attacks by zombies or PKers.
Mall-ruined-small.jpg ruined The building is ruined or ransacked.
Mall-pinata-small.jpg pinata The building is ruined and barricaded to the point that it cannot be entered.
Mall-rot revive-small.jpg rot revive The building is an active NecroTech facility which is being used to revivify zombies with Brain Rot.
Mall-unknown-small.jpg unknown The building's status is currently unknown.