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Not much to say really. 3 characters, 1 inactive, 1 survivor, 1 zombie/occasional risen PK'er.

DariusAPB (inactive, retired BH Lockettside area

Inquisitorzechs (Active, zombie, PK'er Dulston area)

Justicar Alaric (Active, Survivor, Vinetown area. Member of M.E.R.C.Y.)

Of all these characters my favorite has to be Justicar Alaric. A soldier of M.E.R.C.Y. I revive, heal, repair cade and repel. Only rarely to I fire shots in anger.

Inquisitorzechs is my stone cold killer, originally made to be a BH killer after DariusAPB was unjustly put on the Rogues gallery (which i still consider to be a bad joke) I have since taken to fighting at dulston where there is always a good fight on. While Inquisitorzechs has brain rot, I actually prefer it when he is revived. As the killing sprees are very fun afterwards.

With Inquisitorzechs I think that i'd like to join an organised group, or heck maybe even start one. I am thinking Legio Mortis is a good name?