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==Personal To Do List==
==Personal To Do List==
#The same thing we do every night... Try to take over the WORLD!
#The same thing we do every night... Try to take over the WORLD!
#Fix up userpage.
==Wiki work==
==Wiki work==

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Elect Darth Sensitive a mod. The force is strong with him!
Then suck up while you can!
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Hey, you've found my user page! Welcome.

This page is only for things that I have done out of character.

Personal To Do List

  1. The same thing we do every night... Try to take over the WORLD!
  2. Fix up userpage.

Wiki work

I've been in the game since mid-November of 2005, and I started lurking near then. I started contributing soon after, but in the past few months I've really stepped up my involvement. If you want to see more just check out my contributions, or my summary of them.

In Game Characters

Out of Game Character


  • I am an admin at the DHPD messageboards, if you have a conflict with the group, leave me a note on my talk page
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