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My Current Sig

Darth Sensitive Talk W!

Here be sigs!

This is my pacman sig - I freely admit stealing code/ideas from Mia and a dude off Wikipedia. I find it fun.

Old Ones

Pac Man

Pacman.PNG......@. (DS)

They were all jealous of PacMan. But he'll show them! (Pacman.PNG - so it doesn't get deleted)

Pre Mod Generic

Darth Sensitive CTW!


In case you can't tell, this sig is special. Because I'm a huge nerd who's going to the midnight showing of Snakes On A Plane. Oh Yeah. You're jealous.

Snakesonaplane.jpg Special Agent Flynn Snakes On A Plane

Mod Bid Time

Darth Sensitive Vote Darth!Bob06!CTW!


Darth Sensitive Sith LordCTW!

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