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I appeared in Houldenbank amid massive amounts of overbarricading. After figuring out the meaning of "Entry Point", and "VSB", I started spending more time alive than dead. I gradually leveled by knocking down zombies with random firearms I gathered. Upon learning from the wiki that a mall is a great place to find equipment, I made my way west. By then I was in Dentonside, so the nearest mall I could find was in Roftwood. I made my way there to get stocked, but I wanted to go to Caiger Mall because that was where the action appeared to be. At the time, I had a zombie alt participating in the siege at Caiger. My plan was to approach Caiger and move my alt away as I join the siege on the other side. Sure, that wasn't very goal-oriented, but the siege was a lot of fun. I sure enjoyed listening to the progressively more frantic radio broadcasts.

I passed through Roftwood and made my way north to Bale Mall. At this point, I was looking for a group to join, and the Zone Defenders looked interesting. I thought they had a great idea, so I decided to join them after the Caiger siege came to an end. However, I never actually reached Caiger, because the Latrobe Building fell and the mall could no longer hold out. The zombies at the siege exploded into the surrounding buildings, and there was nothing left alive within two suburbs. So I turned back and joined the Zone Defenders.

Over the course of several months, I helped the Zone as much as I could, but despite my efforts, the Zone Defenders became progressively less and less active. I found this the most frustrating thing in the world. I was looking for organization, but everywhere in the Zone I found packs of lone wolves. If I understand correctly, in its glory days, the Zone Defenders were a very large group with connections to numerous other cooperative groups. Sadly, I missed that. So I stopped playing briefly.

What I really wanted then was a change in pace, so I started a zombie group with my zombie alt. We were the Zombie Squirrels. Our growth was slow, but I stuck it out and ended up with a decently-size group that made it on to the stats page. And then the same thing happened. Inactivity struck. The group pretty much dissolved around me, and I didn't know how to stop it.

Then I quit playing for a time. I went back to real life. I replaced Urban Dead with other games, like Super Smash Brothers: Melee and Tactics Arena. I guess I never really went back to real life, then, but whatever. All of my characters disappeared off the face of Malton and stayed that way for a few more months. Then, one day, Nick Nitroz IMed me and pulled me back into the game. While I was gone, a lot of groups went the same path that the Zone Defenders did. They became inactive and fell apart. So what we decided to do is turn over a new leaf and start over. We started a new group specifically for people who value teamwork and tried our best to recruit the veterans of all the groups that fell into inactivity around us.

Before we knew it, this new group, the Roftwood Emergency Response, had 8 highly active members, most of whom were seasoned veterans. It took 3 days and we were nearly on the stats page. The group got off to a bit of a rough start because we weren't organized. Indeed, we didn't know how to organize ourselves because the RER was supposed to be an aggressive zombie-killing machine, quite unlike the Mall Rat-type groups we were used to. Once our first strike team formed, things started happening. We started off by fighting over Greenhow....

The story goes on, but the next page is not written yet....

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