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(Blatantly stolen from User:Odd Starter, which I hope is okay!)

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Character: Agate

Agate was an early victim in the outbreaks in Malton, and remained in an undead form for quite some time before getting revived on chance. He lost his memory in the months that he was a zombie, and only remembers in fits and starts just what life was like Before. Originally taking up residence in Scarletwood, he ran in to KTFE early on and the two have since become inseparable.

The pair eventually moved to Wyke Hills, taking up a more permanent residence in the Cosway Hotel. Many of the events that have taken place since can be found in his journal, which he professes he doesn't keep up to date as often as he should.

He is a tall man, all skin and bones and scars, with blue eyes and blonde hair. He wears layers of ragged clothing, much like all those folks in Malton who didn't get to the trench-coat racks early enough after the outbreak! He's exceedingly chatty (dare I say 'whiny') and is always open to trade information and supplies. He tends to get on peoples nerves a little more then he'd like, but he's unsure as to how to change this.

Lexicon Articles by Agate

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