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Inquisitor Drogmir
Character Class: Zombie Hunter
Current Level: 21
Favorite equipment: Pistol
Character profile: Drogmir
Current status: Alive
Zombies Killed 30
Zombies Revived 0
Group: The Malton Inquisition
Contact me here.

Got lost around Scarlet wood and found safe haven in East Gray Side Fort Perryn

Killed 30 zeds and 2 PKers 2 deaths and counting

3/1- No sign of the Big Cheese I beilieved he has stopped playing only time will tell

2/11- 3 hours later. I appparantly came in during a siege and well today is the day i died for the first time

2/11- I finally made it to besly mall i just hope the others can make it

2/8- Inqusitor Bob was klled today along with several other survivors in an outbreak that happened late last night. It's up to me to find a way to revive both of my comrades

2/4- Inqusitor Sogo was killed last night and i dumped his body outside. Today not only did i rediscover his body outside the hospital near us but was also made temporary commander of the inqusition by the bid cheese himself. No need to say i am please with my deeds

1/27/06 -Got some tag and spray painted properganda today. My new position as an iquisitor is great

Put me on contacts at friend or foe doesn't matter. If friend welcome to the Malton Inquisition. If foe I dare you to take on my 30 fully loaded guns

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