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emPathetic Bill, emPathetic Bill

Does whatever an emPathetic Bill can

Shoots pleb, any size,

Catches thieves just like flies

Look Out!

Here comes the emPathetic Bill

DJ Teeth.jpg I was killed by DJ Talent and all I got was this
lousy template.

Vagabond Acting Troupe \ The Grave Diggers \ The Smiths \ Jack Yocum

After the class of DJ talent comes the inevitable follow through for the Pathetic Bill Tribute band.

26.07 MHz: "If you think that's who I am, then PLEASE come get some." (37 minutes ago) 26.07 MHz: "Come get some IRL. Coward." (37 minutes ago) 26.07 MHz: "Then we'll see just How soon is Now. Lawlz" (37 minutes ago)

26.07 MHz: "Let's meet up. For real yo. Holler and I'll meet you" (52 minutes ago)

26.07 MHz: "wherever. No matter who or how many. You'll get sorted." (51 minutes ago) 26.07 MHz: "So let us know. ..." *static* " chumps." (51 minutes ago)

26.07 MHz: "It's all you have left. LAWLZ. Gutless." (31 minutes ago)

The Smiths \ Jack yocum zergers.

Agent Scout,Wannabe,Vagabond zergs Alamo Cody,Wannabe,Vagabond zergs Assistant Sloss,Wannabe,Vagabond zergs Captain Antilles,Wannabe,Vagabond zergs Captain Dino,Wannabe,Vagabond zergs Concord Dawn,Wannabe,Vagabond zergs Corporal Kirchner,Wannabe,Vagabond zergs Doctor Celmare,Wannabe,Vagabond zergs Doctor Healzor,Wannabe,Vagabond zergs Doctor Tyme Lorde,Wannabe,Vagabond zergs Dr Arthur Heller,Wannabe,Vagabond zergs Edward Dalton,Wannabe, Vagabond zergs Elijah Dredd,Wannabe,Vagabond zergs Emergency Broadcast,Wannabe,Vagabond zergs Fight Man,Wannabe,Vagabond zergs Happy Branagan,Wannabe,Vagabond zergs Hotshot McGee,Wannabe,Vagabond zergs Hunter of America,Wannabe,Vagabond zergs Jack Alamo,Wannabe,Vagabond zergs Kid in the Hall,Wannabe,Vagabond zergs Lore Malakai,Wannabe,Vagabond zergs Major Solo,Wannabe,Vagabond zergs Mr Toasties,Wannabe,Vagabond zergs Neck Tech,Wannabe,Vagabond zergs Officer Croyden,Wannabe,Vagabond zergs Racket Jockey,Wannabe,Vagabond zergs Regis Pennyworth,Wannabe,Vagabond zergs Rez Ded Lab,Wannabe,Vagabond zergs Rotter One,Wannabe,Vagabond zergs Rubicon the Scat Man,Wannabe,Vagabond zergs Sgt Stiglitz,Wannabe,Vagabond zergs Son of Flying Pig,Wannabe,Vagabond zergs Super Allstar Hero,Wannabe,Vagabond zergs The Horizon Man,Wannabe,Vagabond zergs Tonka Travers,Wannabe,Vagabond zergs Vampire Zom,Wannabe,Vagabond zergs Zom Noob,Wannabe,Vagabond zergs Jack Yocum,Wannabe,Vagabond zergs Bobgonnadie,Wannabe,Vagabond zergs Ivan Dragonov,Wannabe,Vagabond zergs emPathetic biIL,Wannabe,Vagabond zergs Jimmy Weston,Wannabe,Vagabond zergs Ghost of the Mall,Wannabe,Vagabond zergs bpeIl,Wannabe,Vagabond zergs HMS Malton,Wannabe,Vagabond zergs

......‘Jackyocum, how soon is now’............

Pathetic Bill Tribute Band Tribute Band

The (fake) Goth Store owner has confessed on the vandal page that he and his brother are running the impersonation accounts. I guess that now means the PBTB has a tribute band - the PBTBTB of PMT (perfect music tribute) for shot. That makes up happy, its not often you see a tribute band of a tribute band but I'm happy that he has now confessed that two people run all those accounts in Havercroft\Richmond Hills. However the lads have had a touch of the sun and gone a bit mental on the wiki and are banned. I can assure you that this is not some wiki sysop plot against the Jack Yocum band, but more a fight against vandals and idiots. While emp maybe the latter, he certainly is not the former.

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