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Characters in Urban Dead

Stan Spade (Malton Police Department)

Mpd.png Malton Police Department
Stan Spade is a member of the MPD.

Gazstar (Fort Perryn Defense Force) The FPDF are back (June 2020)

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Ccpatch fpdf.png Survivors Defending Fort Perryn Supporter
This user or group supports the Fort Perryn Defense Force, defending Fort Perryn and the surrounding suburbs
Ccpatch fpdf.png Fort Perryn Defense Force
Gazstar is a proud member of Fort Perryn Defense Force .

Handinhanddp1.png Pay It Forward Supporter
This User or Group Pays It Forward.
Get a revive, give a revive.
Button.gif No Nuclear Weapons for Zombies
This user or group believes that zombies are powerful enough already, thanks

Stoned.gif Malton Neighborhood Watch
This group or user is too stoned to support the
Malton Neighborhood Watch.