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Sometimes truth arises from the water. And when it does, it does so with the greatest impact.

Yes, as a matter of fact, I am Cornholioo. I have lied about this, because I felt like my banning at the time was unjustified. I feel like I was constantly baited to break rules, both by users as by sysops. I feel like there was no remorse over newb mistakes towards myself. While I don't really ask for any, I despise the fact that the same remorse was shown to other users, and not towards myself.

With my new account not getting banned, I feel like I have proven that these newb mistakes and the baiting played a big role in my original banning. Because, at least for the most part, I no longer make newb mistakes and can handle the baiting. If I were a user that deliberately broke the rules, I would have been banned again already.

I feel like at the time there was a great bias in the sysop team. And furthermore, I feel like this situation has not changed with time at all, and if it did so, it only became worse.

Yes, as a matter of fact, I do zerg. Also this, I have kept a secret, because I felt like people asked for it. When I fought in the Battle of Krinks I was constantly taunted "loser". When I had a couple of alts in my group but didn't zerg, I was constantly taunted "zerger". At that point I felt like: "if they call me a zerger all the time anyway, heck, why not".

I don't consider myself a lying person at all. Though, my opinions on said topics are what caused me to tell lies that I could benefit from.

All in all, I don't have remorse over anything I did. The only thing that I feel sorry about is that I might have given national socialism a bad name in the process. It was never my intent to do so. I brought it all a lot 'harder' ingame and on this wiki than I do in real life. I see national socialism as a peaceful ideology. One that I feel comfortable with. In real life, I rarely call myself 'nazi', because the name has a bad image. In real life, I never say 'heil hitler' or 'white power'. In real life, I'm not a 'white power skinhead', and I despise the skinhead image, because it gives our ideology a bad name. I realise that I might have done the same thing, even though much of the stuff I did and said was roleplaying. That, I feel sorry about. And I hope there is no shame in admitting a mistake.

So this is probably the end, then.

I salute you, my dearest Germania,