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DHPD Testimonials
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DHPD members are encouraged to share their own stories here.


I know that things are hard at the moment, Dunell Hills is open and infested, zeds are hitting us before we can regroup, and all throughout we're listening to radios spewing spam trying to demoralise us. So I'm starting this thread so we can share with each other why we joined the DHPD and why we're still here. To remind us what we're fighting for and why the DHPD will always be the best damn faction in UD.

I started playing UD at the beginning of October and joined the DHPD a couple of weeks later, because they were an interesting looking group based in my current home. Right now the only reason I still play UD 10 months later is the DHPD, and the people I've met since I joined. I have thought about quitting, giving up on the game, I was debating doing so after TSO paid us a visit. I decided then I wouldn't leave till Dunell Hills and the whole DMZ was safe and mostly zed free again. Now I promise I won't leave - not if we reclaim our home, not if I end up being the only member of the DHPD. I plan to be here, still fighting the zeds, still fighting for the DHPD right until the very last AP when Kevin shuts down the servers.

I have had the great pleasure of fighting alongside many of you, to revive you and heal you when you were down or injured, and be revived and healed in return. With you I've headshot zeds, built barricades, and warned of attacks. Most of all though with you I've had fun, and I wouldn't give it up for the world. For me the DHPD is UD, and it's time we reminded the rest of Malton that.

So I ask you to remember why you signed up, polish your badge and your medals, reload your pistols and your shotguns, pick up your FAKs and your syringes, regroup and reorganise, and we will reclaim Malton one headshot and one plastic tree at a time. And when we're done beer is on Phil!

Remember, we're all friends; we'll watch your back when you're watching ours. But most of all have fun, because this is a game, and what's better than playing with good friends.


I wanted to let everyone know how much I enjoy being part of this group. Thanks to BAM for joining and getting me involved. ;) That was back in April. She got me to help take Bascombe NT from the Peddlesden Village Infestation. I had lots of fun with their leader Sticky Jones. The cool thing is I just ran into him yesterday at Bas, just like old times!

It's pretty clear things are hard for us at the moment. We've been evicted from our suburb and surroundings, and many of our officers are down. We've lost veterans and seen new recruits step up to take their place. We have enemies like Maxwell Hammer who attack us physically and politically. But we still keep going.

Dunell Hills was never the best place to make a stand; only one NT is a severe handicap in this game. But I wouldn't change places with Caiger or any other 'burb. Defending four squares cannot compare to our chosen mission. I was in Ackland and Caiger during the Mall Tour '06, it was fun but not very challenging. The challenge and experiences we deal with make being in this group more enjoyable than anything I've done in Malton so far.

So, thankyou to all of our members and allies for making this stand, it's a pleasure to work with you.

Kirk Howell

HELL YEAH! These are dark times but its time to remember why I joined in the first place. I started UD in late october. played a little medic for weeks until I had the combat skills. DH was a nice safe place DHPD was bad ass and everyone knew it so it was very safe and clear. I hung out at cotty and deffended it tooth an nail. In november a large roaming band of zeds hit the Hills and i got my first taste of horor, breakins people dieing people fighting, i faught and healed and stayed safe(and surprisingly not dead for such a noob) along side DHPD memebers. Eventualy after that i decided i needed to join.( would have sooner if i knew how easy it would be :P) I joined becasue i was fighting along side people and didnt know who they were, other then they were a strong group and i wanted the sence of Teamwork and comradery i get from being here. I needed to know who i was fighting with.

Simply being in the DHPD wasnt good enough for me oh no :P so i started poking around the squad threads ,and Hello hello?! Bravo was starting a recon spinoff. Ha ha I joined that and Yay Echo was off in operation. Needless to say its been fun the mall tour was crazy to see and i knew they would spill in here before it even started...i dont think anyone payed attention... Time to draw up a serious planI'm all for the squads leading large groups of officers into different sections of the hills.

Now for everyone in the DHPD, lets here YOUR story why did you join DHPD? Why do you fight? Why will you Continue to Kick Zed ass? I fight for my brothers and sisters of the Force, for my home in the Hills and for the glory of our brotherhood. God save the Penguins and long live the DHPD

Jeff Oneil

That is a hard one to follow, and its going to sound much the same.

I joined in November of last year after starting off way in the south near fort creedy. I started checking out the wiki and the radio and I thought "wow"these guys are cool and they are really trying to help each other and they are fun. I wanted to be part of that so I joined.

Then the idea of squads came up, small close knit units that could fight together, I liked it but I had different idea for the squad I wanted to be in. Instead of gunners, medics, revivers, put a group together that could do everything, fight,heal,revive and lead. every member could put together an operation and lead it. A Special Operation Group- BRAVO was born.

Then came the mall tour. we took our recon element (kirk and F22) and they found the path where they were coming, grabbed an NT building ( Point HAVOC) and set up a quick revive point. I met Bill Turner there, he revived me more times than I can count, and if you really want a funny story ask thom solo why I call him "rockstar". We kept going till things got really bogged down at the mall, we then got a distress call from the Village.

Rockphed had been working out of there and put the call out on the radio that there were very few cades in the village, many wounded ect, and we wanted to help so off we went. Doc used more fak's in a day then she could carry, Atani, willr3 and I were putting cades up as fast as we could and droil and the rest were hitting the zeds. thats when we met some chick named "bad a@@ mom" she was bossing everyone around in this NT building but it worked she got everyone revived really quick, I knew we had to get her to join the DHPD, little did I know she would drag bob, and others along.

I could go on about the how I met Spicy, Saxony,Rubix,Pedro and many others but just writing this has brought a big smile to my face.

That is why I joined and why I stay. Its the people Be proud of the badge, because I sure am

Thats mine and then some, so lets hear yours

Ender the Xenocide

I joined in February, and here is why: I remember I had an alt in the hills, and I decided to use my currenct character, who was all teh way across the city. He died, and the only place I knew to get revived was Coffins, so I decided to make a trip, and get revived...I saw how well the DHPD was organized and how it held it's ground very well..I then decided to join, and got Spiceweasel to join with me. And now here I of the veterans of the DHPD, at least, I'd like to consider myself one. And I will stick with the DHPD..even though I'm currently I'm not in the hills, but am doing my duty. I've thought of leaving, but I just couldn't bring myself to do it.


I started playing UD when a friend of mine, Wes kept barraging me with emails to play UD. Finally, I bit the bullet so to say and started playing. He, a few of his friends, and I coordinated our characters to one location in the SE of Malton. But he had an alt in the Molebank as well, so I started another character and moved through Molebank.

Wes' schedule and health left him not playing much anymore, and I was left to fend for myself in Grigg Heights.

After gaining alot of experience killing rogue zeds around the PD, the unthinkable happened. Our quiet suburb was invaded by COWS. It was my first encounter with what seemed like a coordinated group. After holing up for awhile trying to move in and take our beloved PD back, the survivors just weren't organized enough and scattered. The details get hazy from there, but somewhere in my running up into Owsleybank, I must have been killed.

When I next came to, Jeff Oneil had revived me and introduced me to the DHPD. (Now that I think of it, I should "talk" more in game, since that was how I learned of the DHPD.) I hesitated for a while to join, because I wasn't sure I could put in the time commitment, but have found great fun in being part of an organized group. Through it I met the likes of Sgt. Mcreedy, Dirol, and Officer Otep and others who helped secure the Owl for quite some time. It is good to stand alongside McReedy again, it feels like home. When I don't see the others that I usually see, I begin to wonder what is happening to them both in game and in real life.

The DHPD (or any group) adds alot of dimension to a rather flat game. I considered quitting the DHPD for a while when all the scandal hit the fan, and decided I like the people too much to just leave. (Besides, then I'd have to find a new organized group.) I used to think that I would always want my character to head back home to Grigg Heights, then I thought I would always stay in Owsleybank, and now I'm elsewhere fighting for an organization instead of a location.

What keeps me here? BAM, Bob, Otep, and others that will travel halfway across a 'burb and back, at the drop of a PM, just for a revive. If we all acted halfway as sincere, dedicated, and caring in real life..... but thats another soapbox.

UD and the DHPD are as much this forum as it is the actual game. And its the people who interact here (both in character and out) and in game so much that make UD great.

Officer Otep

I started playing in February and while I enjoyed the game for a period it soon started to become stale. I ended up idling around in Broadbelt and after eavesdropping for a while I decided to join the organisation. Of course this was when the suburb was safe and you could travel 10 blocks before bumping into a lone zombie who had wandered into the wrong part of town.

Since I joined I've discovered a whole new aspect to the game. I've joined a group of people who are determined to maximise the game experience, not just for themselves or their fellow group members but to everyone who plays on the survivor side of things. Now I have a sense of purpose in the game, other than to relentlessly farm xp, and have the support of great people I know I can rely on.

So now things are bad, we have been kicked and beaten in our own house., we've been accused of zerging and hit with graffitti and radio propaganda. But that doesn't mean I'm going to quit, it means I'm going to fight harder. We took a pretty bad hit but we are still here, we will always fight, we will show them all that they were wrong about us.

I am proud to be DHPD


When I started playing UD, it was as a dedicated zombie running with a newly forming horde that all joined up together. We put a hurt on the SW side of town but I wanted to try living on the side that was holding back the tide and keeping the bad things from happening. I checked the wiki and found the DHPD. They seemed like the best organization with a strong reputation and a successful track record so I created a new character and marched halfway across Malton to join up at Cotty St Precinct.

I ran patrols out of Cotty daily, running all over the West half of the burb, killing, healing, barricading, etc, and reporting back to the desk sergeant when I returned to the precinct. This appealed to my sense of the way a PD operates. Later I joined Alpha and ran with that crew, getting into all kinds of trouble. It was there that my secret skill with this crappy dented bugle was discovered by my squad leader.

Bottom line, this outfit is good to work with. We want to create a space in malton where the average citizen doesn't need to be constantly afraid. We had it for a while, now we need to get it back, simple as that.

Back the badge. DHPD.

Marty Banks

My situation was similar. I've only just recently joined.

I was put into roftwood right off the bat, things were kind of slow and I idled often I was milling around for a week, killing zombies and hiding in Roftwoods PD's. Afterwards I started looking for a group to join on the wiki. I found that the DHPD offered the safest archetype. But things went from bad to worse. In order to report to Cotty I had go through zombie infested hordes. Things were bad. I ran halfway through malton in a panic and finally made it to West Becktown. Things turned out not to be as rosey as i thought. But you guys needed help, and I'm here to give it, just like many of other newbies to DHPD. DHPD and Proud!

I just made Internal Communications Chief!! I'm really glad to finally be part of a gaming group that honors performance and behavior instead of playing favorites... In the short time I've been here, I've been allowed to become a part of the DHPD family, and I'd to tell you guys that you're the best in Malton. Probably the friendliest group too...

Anyway, I'd like to thank you all for helping me defend malton, improve my skills. also for helping in the search for my sister... who is regretably still missing...

And thanks for making a guy feel welcome, and may Dunnel Hill's cup runneth over with survivors, beer, and beautiful women! but 'till then I'm just glad I can lock -n- load with the best of 'em! Cheers!


I started playing earlier this year, mostly bc Bob talked the game ALL THE TIME. So I wanted to see what was sooo great about UD.

Bam was spawned at knyfeton Row Fire Dept in Chuddleyton. I wandered around for a few weeks getting pk'ed before wandering into Cotty. After a few days of laying low and seeing that I wasn't going to be pk'ed, I began climbing the skill tree. Killing , cading, and healing, whatever I could do. Believe me in those days, getting xp in the hills was a challenge. I did what I could and reported back to the desk sgt. There wasn't much to kill and the squads ran very regular patrols thru the surrounding burbs. A couple weeks passed, and I was invited to join the DHPD. Taking on Bas and woopin the PVI were top on my list of things to do.

There isn't a finer group in all of Malton. I have really enjoyed my time with all of you and WILL CONTINUE TO DO SO. The DHPD is my home and you guys are my friends. Thanks so much for for everything! Now, off to kick ass, somewhere.


You'll know when I'm no longer proud of the DHPD, it'll be the day I hand my badge in. 'Where is your badge now?' I hear you all cry.. Well, it's hanging round my neck, where I'ts been for the past ... er.. many months.

Darth Sensative

I've been with the DHPD for a long time, since the group was at about 50 people centered on Cotty Street and only linked by radio. A lot has changed since then. I started as a lvl. 1 guy without a clue under the wing of Sharko and company. Since then I've become an in game leader with every skill bar brain rot.

I started out hanging at the phonemast and keeping it running. Then I helped out when The Scourge decided to drop on by and everything broke down. Then we got organized and grew phenomenally. I took over Yea Drive and worked with some of the best cops in the area at keeping northern Dunell Hills safe for the little guys, like I had once been. I was later transferred to Internal Affairs and general administration, but I have kept fighting since then.

We fought off the Shining Ones, and the scandal at the same time. And we emerged, stronger in some ways, weaker in others. Since settling, Darth has made Dunell Hills his home, leaving for Caiger only a few times to see what the big deal was.

I can't deny that I've sometimes thought about moving on, maybe starting my own group somewhere else. But I haven't, and the biggest reason is the people here. This place has grown, and most of the people on the Command Staff weren't here when I came. But they stepped in, then stepped up - for everyone. The people of the DHPD are what makes it the best organization in Malton. We can banter on and on, while making progress. I have an alt in The Elite, and they do fun and interesting things all over the place, but they just aren't quite as much fun.

I'm going to rip off another guy whose helped us out, because he says it best. Out of the mouth of Ron himself - "Stay Classy DHPD!"

(Not a direct quote)



I started playing UD last year around November. I started off in Roftwood soon I got in Hildebrand mall after I learned free running, unfortunately at that time Hildebrand was under siege. It fell, I died and became a zombie. I wandered off into The RRF area not finding any survivors insight. After smashing barricades, dieing after dieing. I got a revive in Owsleybank. I went up and found DHPD spaying. I decided to join since I thought coordinating attacks, fighting in groups, and fighting for territory was going to be fun. After that for some reason I don't remember, I stopped playing UD. Then I got active in June again and decided to join the DHPD forums and play along.

I plan to be a credit to the force. ;D

Thom Solo

My story is a little different from the rest... because I actually signed up in UD as a survivor with the intent of locating and joining the DHPD, back in December. I'd heard about the game from a thread on the Sluggy Freelance (webcomic) forum... I believe it was actually Prosperina's RL boyfriend who was talking up the DHPD. (There was an RRF there, too, but this group sounded niftier. ;) ) So I joined up, and rejoiced upon finding myself but one suburb away from the Hills.

Once I made my way to Dunell Hills, I quickly set my group to the DHPD... actually, I misspelled it as "Dunnel" but soon changed. I didn't do much in terms of coordination at first, just posting on the boards and occasionally running into the original Alpha squad along the west side.

Then the call went out for a coordinated op into Molebank, called Operation Whack-A-Mole. I signed on with Bravo Squad, and have never regretted it. The camaraderie and high-spirited fun have made this place fit me... not just in the game, either. I've made some true friends here, we enjoy each other's company, we work together to keep the game fun and interesting despite some of the dung that's been flung at us. (I refer you all to Conn's wonderful speech.)

I frakkin' love us!


First my Story, then an open letter:

1. I was turned on to UD in September of 2005 and tooled around for a while, when Caiger started to develop, however once I got there the battle was pretty much over. Running through the Mall however was a small group of people looking for assistance in Dunell Hills claiming to be a rag tag group of survivors with defective badges...Sounded good so I walked on over and started to help assist and "organize" the DHPD. Membership exploded to 225 members at one point, but then I screwed up in my interpretation to the loosly defined rules of the game. As a result 70 of my friends had to recreate their charachters while simultaniously we were hit by the TSO and other groups. This led to us loosing our groups home and breadbasket. Having another semester of classes starting along with extensive summer commitments, I'm not on as much as I would like, but hope to pick up more actions in the near future.

2. Greetings From Commissioner Conndraka

To:The Populace of Malton, and more specifically those who seem bent on the Destruction of the DHPD.


Allow me to explain in more detail:

The DHPD is not (and as long as the current game mechanics in play never will be) Capable of holding any territory. Plain and simple the Advantages Zombies have prevent Survivors from holding anywhere against a large enough opponent. Caiger is the ONLY known exception and as large as the DHPD is... we don't have 2000 members.

Furthermore, The DHPD is more than some group trying to hold onto territory, or hold influence over other survivors, or hell we don't even really care about the undercurrent of political machinations of certain "Supergroups/Alliances".

Therefore I offer up this bit of information: The DHPD will continue to try to "retake the hills" not because we must validate ourselves by doing something (like griefing other players) but because we are enjoying the struggle. Thats right... your griefing makes the game more enjoyable for us, and our attempts to defeat YOUR Zerging gives us something to strive for.

Additionally, You cant make us disband, or even do enough to us to change our group substantially. You may take our land, you may take our lives, but you cannot take our friendships which go FAR beyond Urbandead. If the DHPD relocates to another suburb, retreats to the Malls or Hell turns ZED and start our own campaign against Caiger... its none of your doing, or your business.

WE are the DHPD, YOU are not. and WE stand together as friends regardless of your crap spouting on this forum and others (especially the 26.60 band). Grow up and realize that real friends don't need propaganda in their lives like you obviously do.

In conclusion. If that doesn't explain the entirety of the DHPD and point out your lackluster and immature attempts at trying to tear us down, I have two words for you....


Gregor Ibram

I remember the heady old days...Gregor actually started in DH, and managed to stumble my way into Broadbelt. I cant remember exactly who I ran into to begin with, but I started helping out with the barricading, first-aid and extermination of the zeds that came. I was approached numerous times to join, but at first I declined, thinking that an underskilled meatsack such as myself wouldn't be able to stand with these people that were nearly all 15+. Then I figured, eh, what the hell, I guess if they want me so badly I'll sign up.

Now, here I stand, Head Chaplain of the DHPD, bringing fiery litanies of lament and destruction down upon the wicked and solace and comfort to those that stand with us. With strengthened resolve, unending commitment and guns blazing, we will rise up and strike down the evildoers that seek to bring ruin upon us.


I was hanging out unaffilated in Peddlesten Village and starting taking an interest in Bascombe at about the same time as the DHPD began to. Surprisingly enough, someone showed up in the building that was even bossier than myself, and we quickly secured the building and surrounding area. Afterwards BAM asked me to sign up a couple of times, but I held off. Then The Shining Ones hit, so I took The Pledge in solidarity with those I had already fought alongside in my home suburb. I've since been working in Dixie Squad and have loved how much more effective working in an organised group has made me - not to mention the friends that I have picked up along the way

Sgt Partridge

When I started in March, I was an unnaffiliated noob, based out of Roywood, with only my two RL friends (Sgt Parts Reborn - DHPD, Thesisville - freelance) connected by MSN Messenger, getting killed every day and generally sucking at the game when we fled south to the Village. We took refuge in Swinnerton Square along with about fifty others and never had I seen such teamwork and organisation. I was kept alive for days on end, able to acquire skills and learning a lot from the in-game chatter. It was then that I noticed that the vast majority of my 'roomies' had 'Dunell Hills Police Department' as their group name. When I thought it would be advantageous to join a group, the DHPD was a no-brainer.

I have not looked back since...

Marcus Payne

I started back in late October, when this game was considered a hot topic amongst a number of my RL friends, a little something to have fun with quite a bit of role-play involved. I was wandering about Tompson Mall during the time Caiger was first hit and we heard that the horde was being turned back. Intruiged, I decided to travel north.

I found carnage and mayhem, but I also found a bastion of hope with the individuals at Caiger, since no other survivor group had ever defeated the undead. Shuffling around plastic trees and looking for a group to join was my itinerary at the time, when I heard that the Dunell Hills was in need of removing some zeds that shambled in on their turf, and that they were one of the players in the first Caiger scene.

I made the decision and engaged the local undead in the Hills alongside the DHPD without joining them for a time, and then I became drawn to them. It was the way they viewed the game, and that it was more than just a run-around, duck-shooting, occasional plastic tree moving routine. They had a plan and many operations to hold the Hills, and it wasn't just scurrying about with arms waving. That, and they had donuts.

I've been in the DHPD a long time, and many a thought has crossed my mind about leaving to start my own group, or just leaving the game altogether, but I haven't. And the reason to this is because I enjoy the community within the DHPD, even if the game may have lost it's initial flavour.

We've been through a lot. Peddlesen Village and Owsleybank. Mall Tour. Zombageddon. The Desk Sergeant Issue. The Shining Ones. Maxwell Hammer and his buddies. The list goes on, and it'd be a lot, lot longer if the individual squads were considered, but through it all we're still standing, and still hope to be even after Kevan decides to pull the plug and drop a nuke over the Malton skyline.

May the penguin return to us. Someday.


Yay! So what does Rubix41 have to say about the DHPD? Well, humble beginnings. I was just a beat cop outside Cotty when I first enlisted. I was a new officer in a new town and was dumped outside Chuddleyton before a few zeds. It didn't end too well. T_T It doesn't matter - I shambled over to Dunnel Hills and got revived and I joined the Department and haven't looked back. I've been a Precinct Chief, a Squad Leader...heck, I was even squad sweeper and that came in handy when the zeds broke through Caiger!

I'm just your average run o' the mill student and so is my brother (he's in CMS) and that's where we've split. Sure, my brother doesn't think too much about a police dept that was hauled up with zerging and the talk about why our allies haven't helped us could be a reason why but the DHPD have faced a lot. What kind of organisation has had to fight controversies, a morale downing PK'er, a gazillion zeds and all the while having a malevolent creator bestow boons to the zeds? What doesn't kill us, makes us stronger - we are always looking forward and I think people do look up to us with grudgingly respect. We may have lost the suburb but we didn't collapse or disband - we are fighting to get it back. What kind of group thinks like that?

That's why the community here is so good and, in the end, that's the only thing that keeps me here. (That and the promise of some DHPD chicks to *ahem* soothe my wounds)


I started playing UD at the End of January and basically moved from burb to burb and then I ended up in Dunell Hills and came to notice that most of the survivors in Dunell belonged to a group called the DHPD I was curious and decided to see what the DHPD was and who they were I read up on the DHPD and decided that this would be a group that I would like to part of and so I signed up and became a DHPD member and was a patrolman for Dunell there were not many Zeds at the moment except for those who wandered in to Dunell then the day came when I was in Yea and the Siege of the Hills begain I fought and died along everybody that was there that day even though the odds were against us we stayed and fought...thats the type of things that I and other have done I am poud to have met those People and am Proud to be a member of the DHPD and will continue to fight alongside any DHPD member and Survivor fighting to keep the Zeds back

I am Proud to be a member of the DHPD


I first started playing UD a while back. My character began life in Spicer Hills. A large group of zeds demolished the place so I headed North searching for a revive. Ender the Xenocide told me of coffins revive point. I went there and was revived within two days. I stayed in the cotty area doing revives for a while until Ender the Xenocide convinced me to join the DHPD. Ever since I've been reviving zeds who roam the hills in search of life giving syrum. Long Live the DHPD!


Having joined back in January, I managed to die in the first few hours of playing (being at the time very confused and disorientated) and after spending a few days wandering aimlessly and pawing at barricades, I eventually stumbled across Coffins Drive. After an amazingly short wait, I was up and breathing, and for the next week found myself returning again and again to sample the quality service, all thanks it seems to the efforts of the DHPD. At the time, the Hills were much safer, and I learnt quickly. Eventually I became involved in an ongoing battle over the NT building just across the border in the village, working with BAM and Bob and others to keep it stink free and operational.

After it all died down a bit, I figured I'd wander over to Caiger and find out what all the to do was about with the whole 'tour' thingy. After a small misunderstanding which involved me being barricaded outside the mall, I found myself taking a long nap. Weeks later, broadband restored, I rose and began to meander purposefully towards Coffins, figuring my favourite spot was probably all overgrown and mossy.

What I found was a wasteland. Eventually someone found me and I was breathing once more. Of course, I didn't know at the time but the TSO had stopped by for a quick snack. Muttering darkly about 'what happens when I just pop out for a quick holiday', I joined on to the DHPD officially and set about helping where I could to rebuild. Despite the more pessimistic outlook I think Dunell Hills are pretty comfy right now, so kick back with a doughnut and chill - It's all good in the Hills.


I spawned on the other side of malton in July 06, but I made my way slowly over to dunell hills after I saw the DHPD wiki. I thought the paintbrush picture of the 'survivor safehouse' was really funny.

I popped over and got authenticated on this forum but I didn't introduce myself at first coz I wanted to check out what the group interaction was like. I really didn't want to be in the midst of some testosterone trenchcoater weirdos, but I really liked what I was reading, especially in the "What are you thinking right now" threads.

Surfcop was the first person to welcome me over the PM's and I thought wow! even the command staff are really enthusiastic and welcoming. I didn't join Charlie tho coz at that time surfcop was holding real-time coordinated operations, something I couldn't commit to due to timezone difference. It would involve me waking up at 3am and logging on (wait a minute, it IS 3am and i'm still up).

In the end I decided to join Dixie, coz I quite liked the support roles they did, it seemed to hold potential for a more varied playing style. Sgt Partridge was a great leader and became a friend as well. Through his encouragement, I become more vocal and more active.

If not for this group I would not be playing this game. The people here are the best. I sincerely doubt any other community in malton could make zombie killing this enjoyable.

The Surgeon General

When I innocently stumbled across the UrbanDead site in the Summer of 2006, I never thought I would become so involved in the social underpinnings of this simple browser-based game as I am now. At the beginning, I was quickly bored with my meager allowance of fifty actions per day, and quickly created around ten characters to populate Malton, all survivors. Even so, I became lethargic in my interactions with the rest of Malton, and slowly lost interest in the game. In time, I decided to begin anew, and, as such, discarded my earlier creations andstarted but a few new characters, and I intended to join in-game groups so as to better coordinate my interactions with the rest of the populace. My search for a suitable group for my pro-survivor began...

I was drawn to the DHPD at the start of my search, and this great group quickly climbed to the top of my list of all those I considered. The more I read, the more convinced I became that they were the right choice for me, whether it was because of their moral fortitude, similar views, or great humor that I instantly appreciated. Although a bit nervous as to how I would be accepted into the group, I cautiously added my new to the DHPD roster and joined their now all too familiar forum. I introduced myself to the veterans of the DHPD, and was greeted warmly. I still vividly remember Saxony giving me helpful advice, trying to draw me into joining the Ruggevale Precinct, but then ezekiel swooping me up into Charlie Squad. That didn't last long, however, as I was asked to become Foxtrot Squad Leader, and the rest is history...

I'm sure that I would quit UrbanDead some time ago was it not for coordinating with other players, and I am glad I made the choice to join the DHPD. I learned to think beyond oneself, to not be selfish, to help others and work together for a safer Malton, one step at a time. I am proud to say that I am a member of the Dunell Hills Police Department.

Harry Likos

I started a few months ago in Pegton, and was promptly chased into Vinetown. That ended with me being munched about three times after being chased a further three suburbs. Running solo had worked for my private and my scout, but it just wasn't cutting it for Harry Likos the medic. So I started searching for a group to join to protect myself. Soon enough, I heard of the DHPD. It seemed like a good idea. Then I looked at the map. This was back in the bad-old days, when the DMZ burned red and all the safehouses were ransacked. Vinetown hadn't been nice to me, but it looked like going to join up would resemble jumping out of the frying pan and into a zombie horde. But then a PKer shot me, and my mind was made up. I'd make the trans-Malton march to join the DHPD.

It took plenty of time, having to skirt RRF territory and brief stop at Yagoton's Whatmore Building. But in due time I joined my fellow officers in the recapture of Caiger Mall. Since then, I've been sure of one thing: making that march was worth it. I've got my feet up in the Kenefie Lane Precint now, and I'm glad to be there. This group is the true power in its region. I am an officer of the DHPD, and that's what has made my time in Malton a good one.


"Now we all know I would be perfectly fine on my own don't we. I mean being as awesome as I am... But the DHPD has given me a purpose. Before it was just run from one building to the next with no idea where I was. I probably mostly ran in circles. After a while I thought it might be good to join some sort of group. (just so that i could have a cool name in that slot). So I went to the wiki and started reading about some of the groups. DHPD was the winner of that contest. After finding out its size, location, and how organized it was. I had to join. Of course being the lowly noob I was, I had thought it said something about the corner of Malton I happened to be in. But sadly it wasn't... So I traveled across all of Malton to meet up with a group that I'd never seen before. Of course after getting there I was mostly lost, but even when I happened to travel to the scarier part of dunell and end up dying. I always was directed to a revive point and revived by some kind helpful member.

The other thing that sets DHPD apart is the amount of active users. The chat box always has 3 people in it no matter what time it is... (well maybe not midnight). But even if everyone there has spent all of their AP they still get together just because of what a nice friendly enviroment it is. These members really are the best."


I joined the DHPD on June 17th, 2007, which was the same day i signed up on Urban Dead. After running ("I was running!" Heh, Forest Gump quote) to Dunell Hills, i made my way to the DHPD HQ, Cotty Street Police Department. After learning of the forums and wiki, i signed up there, too. Its now been a month since i joined, and ive made countless friends inside the DHPD, including FmrPFCBob, BAM, Commanderian, and TSG. Each and every one of the officers helped me out when i needed it, including the times before i joined the forums. After showing that i now knew what i was doing (kinda...jk), i decided to ask for a promotion. Most people never have the courage to ask, because the think they will get shot down. This happened to me the 1st time. Bob told me that i needed more time under my belt, and i needed to learn more about the DHPD and the policies. Well, look at me now! After a month, im now Chief of Police at Burrell Way Police Department. Im really, really glad I joined the Dunell Hills Police Department.


I joined the DHPD in September of 2006, a little while after joining Urban Dead as a game. I have thoroughly enjoyed my time here and made a number of friends- this is one of the best groups in the game. There's no drama, no whining players, no Internet Toughguys, and no bullshit. Being in a large group with a strong organization is so much better than a smaller group, and certainly better than trying to do this alone. I would have quit within a month if I hadn't found these folks, but now I plan to stay.

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