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Keith Mars
Joined: 21 August 2006
Character Details: UD Profile
Current Status: Alive
Location: Mitchem Mall
Current Level: 18
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Keith woke up one morning after a loooong night out and found himself in a messed up place. Someone had eaten all the pizza in the fridge and hadn't even had the decency to place the empty pizza box in the bin. Downing a berocca for breakfast he stumbled out the door into a world he no longer knew.

He grabbed his tennis racquet and headed off to the nearest mall.....


06/10/06 - Have made my way down to Mitchem Mall. Vinetown has 1 less active zed right now thanks to some fine Benelli M4 work. Reinforced the NE corner of Mitchem as was looking rather thin. Helps me sleep tight @ night knowing there's more than just a thin curtain seperating me from the cruel outside world.

03/10/06 - Joined in my first Mall Seige @ Dowdney Mall, and it didn't go well. Got killed twice and the mall got taken. Big thanks to Goron40 and to (name to come later) for prompt revives.

21/09/06 - Have advanced a few levels lately. Thinking or redesigning this page and making it a bit neater. Visited Fort Creedy. Bit empty and a few zombies around, a small presence.

10/09/06 - Level 10 with Advanced Shotgun Training. Been a bit lonely lately with few zombies wandering the street.

6/09/06 - Levelled up again after taking down another zombie. Moved to level 9 with purchase of shotgun training. If I rest up and gather some more AP's I'll be looking to level up twice in 1 day. Ammo still plenty after spending a couple of days stocking up in the mall.

6/09/06 - Levelled up again after taking down another zombie. Moved to level 8 with purchase of Body Building. Spracklingback seems pretty safe now. Had to search to find my prey and thought I'd come away not finding one at first.

5/09/06 - Levelled up after throwing a few shots into some zombies around St Baranaba's church. Still seems to be a few zombies in Spracklingback, but seems reasonably safe with high numbers of survivors. Barricades are maybe a bit too high making exit and entry difficult.

2/09/06 - Second of Spring has been good so far. Returned to Spracklingback and killed me a zombie and made some inroads into the death of another zombie. Also levelled up with the purchase of Mall Shopping.

1/09/06 - First day of Spring! The sun is out and that makes me feel like getting some fresh air. First things first though and I've been re-stocking my ammo supplies looking forward to my return to Spracklingback to help clean up what's left of it. From reports there still seems to be a bit of a zombie problem there.

30/8/06 - Seems danger still lurks. On travelling back to Spracklingback encountered 2 zombies in Club Storer. Killed 1, ran out of ammo and holding up in Woolf Auto Repair. Will make my way back to Chippet Grove PD later to restock on ammo.--Keith Mars 04:40, 30 August 2006 (BST)

29/8/06 - Seems Spracklingback is no longer a safe place. Oh well, I needed the stretch the legs anyway. --Keith Mars 03:28, 29 August 2006 (BST)

29/8/06 - Moved to level 5 with Advanced Pistol Training. This has been added to; Pistol Training, Basic Firearms Training, Free Running, First Aid --Keith Mars 03:30, 29 August 2006 (BST)

When in Spracklingback Keith hangs with the H4rdk0r3_14m3rz

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Thanks to Kiki_Lottaboobs, Dunnigan_Taggart & Saromu from whom I have borrowed ideas (read: stole code/templates from) for creating this page.

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